Using large information and citation databases

 for evaluation

  • 會議 :圖資界大師 Tefko 來台-研究交流分享

  • 合作單位 / 機構:國家圖書館
    Tefko Saracevic

  • 日期:2006.08.28

  • Agenda:

Evaluation Metrics in Citation

Databases-How is research evaluation working at Rutgers University and the general trends in America. plus: H Index

How an editor/Researcher/ Referee

use Citation databases
* Researcher: The impact and

effectiveness of citation tracker to a researcher

* Referee: How referees benefit via

leveraging Citation databases

* Editor: - Finding good referees via

Citation Database

The influence of the metrics of Author

identifier in Citation database   

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Thanks for the arrangement and everything . I had a good time, the audience was good and thus it was easy to give a good lecture.

I am looking forward to seeing my students and colleagues and meeting new ones.