What is the complete list of field codes for Embase?

Most commonly used 
field codes

 Label  Field    Example (phrase)  Example (exact or as limit)  Format or comment
 de  Index term  'heart failure':de  'heart failure'/de  
 exp  Explosion  n/a  'oxygenase inhibitor'/exp  
 ab  Abstract  'end of life care':ab  n/a  
 ti  Article title  'lactate pyruvate ration':ti  n/a  
 ca  Country of author  serbia:ca  n/a  
 cy  Country of journal  canada:cy  n/a  
 la  Language of article  dutch:la  n/a  
 py  Publication year  '2009':py  [2009]/py; [2009-2014]/py Can also search range of years
 sd  Entry date (since date)  n/a  [31-12-2014]/sd DD-MM-YYYY

Complete list of field codes

 Label  Field    Example (phrase)  Example (exact or as limit)  Format or comment
 ta  Abbreviated journal title  ‘am heart j’:ta  ‘am heart j’/ta  
 ab  Abstract  'end of life care':ab  n/a  
 an  Accession number  '2008579230':an  n/a  
 ti  Article title  ‘lactate pyruvate ratio’:ti  n/a  
 ad  Author address  ‘cold spring harbor’:ad  n/a  
 em  Author email  'myname@goodisp.com':em  n/a  
 au  Author name  ‘watson j’:au  ‘watson j d’/au  
 rn  CAS Registry Number  '50 99 7':rn  n/a  
 cn  Clinical trial number  NCT001166888:cn  n/a  
 cd  CODEN  ‘lanca’:cd  n/a  
 dc  Conference date  '1989-05-04':dc  n/a YYYY-MM-DD
 ed  Conference editor  ‘johnson r’:ed  n/a  
 lc  Conference location  'new york':lc  n/a  
 nc  Conference name  'symposium on niddm':nc  n/a  
 ca  Country of author  serbia:ca  n/a  
 cy  Country of journal  canada:cy  n/a  
 dv  Device index term  n/a  ‘hip prosthesis’/dv_am Only with subheadings
 df  Device manufacturer  dupont:df  ‘dupont’/df  
 dn  Devide trade name  dermabond:dn  ‘dermabond’/dn  
 dm  Disease index term  n/a  ‘acute leukemia’/dm_dt Only with subheadings
 dd  Drug index term  n/a  ‘cisplatin’/dd_ae Only with subheadings
 mn  Drug manufacturer  glaxo:mn  ‘glaxo smithkline’/mn  
 tn  Drug trade name  lipitor:tn  ‘lipitor’/tn  
 cl  Embase classification  '16':cl  n/a No leading zeros; not indexed for records licensed from NLM
 syn  Explode with synonyms  n/a  ‘aspirin’/syn  
 exp  Explosion  n/a  ‘oxygenase inhibitor’/exp  
 de  Index term  'heart failure':de  ‘heart failure’/de  
 ib  ISBN  '9781573317351':ib  n/a  
 is  ISSN  '0012186x':is  n/a Without hyphens
 ip  Issue  '10':ip  n/a/td>  
 la  Language of article  dutch:la  n/a  
 ls  Language of summary  english:ls  n/a  
 lim  Limit  n/a  [humans]/lim The most popular limits can be selected in the Advanced, Drug, Disease and Device search ribbons
 mj  Major term  n/a  ‘acute leukemia’/mj  
 ms  Molecular sequence number  eu518933:ms  n/a  
 pg  Page range  '61':pg  n/a Either first or last page
 pd  Publication date  ‘october 2014’:pd  n/a  
 it  Publication type  'short survey':it  'short survey’/it  
 py  Publication year  '2009':py  [2009]/py ; [2009-2014]/py Can also search range of years
 ii  Publisher item identifyer  S0093691x02011287:ii  n/a  
 id  Record number  ‘L601020418’:id  n/a  
 sd  Entry date (Since date)  n/a [ 31-12-2014]/sd DD-MM-YYYY
 aip  Since date (AiPs/In-Process)  n/a  [31-12-2014]/aip DD-MM-YYYY
 jt  Source title  ‘american heart journal’:jt  ‘american heart journal’/jt  
 pt  Source type  'book series’:pt  n/a  
 sp  Start page  '27':sp  n/a  
 lnk  Subheading  ‘adverse drug reaction’:lnk  ‘adverse drug reaction’:lnk  
 vi  Volume  '39':vi  n/a  
 wd  Within days  n/a  [14]/wd