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STEP 1: 在本校IP 下打開SciVerse SDOL 和 SciVerse Scopus資料庫
     (限SciVerse SDOL和SciVerse Scopus共同18校用戶參賽 )
     Open the SciVerse SDOL database and SciVerse Scopus databse from the IP of this school.
       (SciVerse SDOLand SciVerse Scopus subscribers 18 schools only)

STEP 2: 在SciVerse SDOL和SciVerse Scopus資料庫上找答案:回覆下方問答
     Look for the answers from the SciVerse SDOL database and SciVerse Scopus database to the
                  following questions:

請用SciVerse SDOL(資料庫的 Search進階檢索頁籤功能,並輸入關鍵字 “Solar Activity” 和 “Forest Fire”,選擇 Title 文章標題欄位,即檢索到 "Solar activity as a possible cause of large forest fires - A case study: Analysis of the Portuguese forest fires"  的研究文獻。
Please select the Search tab on the SciVerse SDOL database ( to call out the Advanced Search function. Next, input the keywords “solar activity” and “forest fire.” Then, select “Title” from the search range to search the literature related to the solar storm and forest fire.

題目一 Question #1:
下載該篇文章 ,請問 Solar Flares 太陽耀斑從1976年以來,最強的紀錄是在何時?
Download the article
When were the strongest solar flares ever recorded? (Hint: In page 2 of the article).

(A) 04/11/2003    (B) 28/10/2003    (C) 07/09/2005

題目二 Question #2:
承上題,該篇文獻來自於Science of the Total Environment期刊,請至SciVerse Scopus(資料庫中,找出該本期刊於哪一年的引用次數(Citation) 最高?
Continue from question#1, this article came from Science Of The Total Environment journal, please go SciVerse Scopus ( and find out which year this journal had the highest citation count? (hint: please follow the instruction figure)

(A) 2007 年   (B) 2008年   (C) 2009年

全台18 校聯合抽獎
Draw the lottery within 18 school (SciVerse SDOL and SciVerse Scopus subscribers 18 schools only)
請勿重複作答,二題全對者即可參加抽獎:得獎名單將在 11 /10(三) 於 Elsevier 台灣官網 (公告
Please do not answer the question repeatedly. Those who have correctly answered two questions are qualified to participate in the lucky draw. The winner’s list will be announced on Wednesday, 10 November 2010 on the Elsevier Taiwan official website (
領獎要項 Note for Prize Collection
  1. Elsevier公司將於11/10(三) 前寄發電子信件通知得獎者大學/機構圖書館,並於一周內寄出獎項至得獎者大學/機構圖書館。
    Elsevier will send out email notification before 11/10 (Wednesday) to the prized winner (university/library), and mail out the prize within one week.
  2. 獎項將統一寄到得獎者的圖書館,並由各圖書館館員通知領獎 & 擇日頒獎,請得獎者向圖書館館員確
    All prizes will be mailed to the library for central collection, the librarian will notify winners for prize collection, please confirm with your school librarian if you win the contest.