Date: March 14, 2018, Wednesday
Venue: National Cheng Kung University ( Kuang-Fu Campus ), Student Activity Centre I, International Conference Room, 3rd Lecture room Transportation | Map
The conference will be conducted in English
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日期: 2018 年 3 月 14 日 ( 星期三 )
地點: 國立成功大學 ( 光復校區 ),學生活動中心,國際會議廳第三演講室 交通資訊 | 校園地圖
[ 學術成大 ! ] 專家人才平台發表會 - 將產業與成大專家人才串聯
Research NCKU ! – Connecting Industry with NCKU Researchers

國立成功大學為了紮實其研究實力及結合跨領域的多元發展,並牽動學術與產業的鏈結,建置了 Pure 專家人才庫,命名為 [ 學術成大 ! ] 。此平台可搜尋研究人員與資源,潛在的合作夥伴能輕鬆找出並串聯所有系所的專家,藉以執行各種不同層級的研究 ( 基礎、應用與臨床研究 )、開發新技術與流程,以及克服各種技術性的挑戰。


[ 學術成大 ! ] 彙整了學校各專業研究領域學者的學術論文、執行計畫及所屬專利外,也統整了學校重要儀器設備,以開放給全世界的模式,促進跨領域學科間的合作、提升各學術研究的廣深度、連結產業界的應用以及建立國際合作的無限可能。

在此發表會中我們請到 Elsevier 澳洲市場的 Pure 客戶顧問 Mr. Grahame Pearson,介紹 [ 學術成大 ! ] 平台的使用以及此平台如何幫助研究人員提升能見度並增加合作機會,此外並特別介紹此平台所使用的 Elsevier 指紋引擎技術 ( Elsevier Fingerprint Engine technology ) ,這項技術會依據研究背景,亦即專長領域及收錄在 Scopus 資料庫之最近的文獻,對研究人員進行比對。透過 Fingerprint 使用語意技術與研究領域特定詞彙可以用名字或概念來尋找研究人員,將促進成大與學術機構和產業之間研究人員的跨單位合作。

National Cheng Kung University has built up the Pure Experts portal named “Research NCKU!” in order to solidify its research strength, combine diverse development across disciplines, and promote links between academia and industry. This platform is an online searchable database of researchers and resources that enable potential collaborators to easily identify faculty experts to conduct all levels of research (basic, applied, and clinical), to develop new technologies and processes, and to overcome technical challenges.

The success of interdisciplinary research depends on discovery – on the ability of researchers to find collaborators and build networks. With millions of academics around the world, this can be challenging, especially when are searcher is looking outside their own field – or in the corporate world – for an expert to work with.

[ Research NCKU ! ] showcases National Cheng Kung University's researchers and their publications. This innovative information technology promotes development of intramural and extramural collaborations, enabling NCKU researchers to identify new funding opportunities and potential partnerships with academia, industry, or broader science communities.

This Pure launch invites Mr. Grahame Pearson, Elsevier Pure customer consultant based in Australia. Mr. Pearson will introduce how to use [ Research NCKU ! ] to illustrate how researchers can benefit from this platform in order to increase their research visibility and collaborative opportunities with other researchers. In addition, he will showcase Elsevier Fingerprint Engine technology which is used in this platform. The Fingerprint Engine technology matches people in a search based on their research profile – their areas of expertise and their recent publications, indexed in Scopus. By applying a domain-relevant thesaurus to each scientific publication, the fingerprint engine maps text to semantic ‘fingerprints’, which are collections of weighted key concepts. Using fingerprint technology [ Research NCKU ! ] will foster cross-institution collaborations among NCKU researchers from different campuses, academia, and private sectors.

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