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09:20 – 09:30 Opening Remarks 歡迎致詞
Liang-Gee Chen, PhD
Deputy Minister
Ministry of Education
09:30 – 10:10 Designing Structural Landscapes of Multi-disciplinary Collaborative Researches in a Research University

Dr.  Daichi Kohmoto 
Chief of A2D (Analytics, Analysis, and Design Team)
Kyoto University, Japan

The purpose of this talk is to discuss what we should do for enhancing the intrinsic growth of a research university sustainably; totally designing structural research environments from inner/outer side of the university that all potential researchers can concentrate on their excellent multi-disciplinary research with long vision via extending their possibilities to local/global society of all over the world. Of course, such designs naturally include promoting international collaborative researches. Since, at first for this purpose, we usually begin re-constructing structural models of the university by understanding the current status of the university and by monitoring along the time series, procedures of analysis and design inevitably involves various kinds of data and research-related metrics, that some of them do not necessarily take values in numbers. We will also discuss examples of such designs by chasing some concrete procedures of the analysis and design with mentioning and stressing our roles as research administrators in each step.
10:10 – 10:50 Benchmarking and Improving Researcher Performance and Reputation
Rankings and measurements of research performance is now very important to universities. While university administrations are increasingly aware of global positioning of research, individual researchers and faculty/department management might not be up to date on what data is available and how to use that data for recruitment decisions. Deakin University combines data from different sources, including global research benchmarking platforms such as SciVal, to socialize improved research practices to faculty and department leaders, and also to help Deakin University researchers enhance their international reputation. Jo Dalvean introduced SciVal to Deakin in a staged roll-out, and SciVal is becoming a standard for benchmarking researcher performance. This presentation will describe some of the uses, and some of the outcomes from introducing SciVal.
SciVal,以實際研究表現分析幫助老師和系所主管做社群聯結,並幫助迪肯大學的研究人員提高他們的國際聲譽。 Jo Dalvean 會用 SciVal 幫迪肯大學做每個階段分析,此外迪肯大學也使用 SciVal 做為研究人員表現的標竿和分析標準。本演講將介紹 SciVal 的實際使用方法和分析結果。
Jo Dalvean
Manager, Research Analysis and Reporting
Deakin University, Australia

10:50 – 11:20 Light Lunch  輕食午餐
11:20 – 12:10 Beyond Bibliometrics—New Analytical Tools to Better Assess and Drive Academic-Industry Partnerships
超越文獻計量 - 以創新分析工具優化評估和推動學術與產業合作
Daniel Calto
Director of Solution Services, Research Intelligence, Elsevier
Elsevier 研究管理解決方案總監

Adam Jia Kang Goh 吳佳康
Solution Sales Manager of Pure Solution, Elsevier

Elsevier Pure 解決方案經理

This presentation will focus on new metrics developed to better assess and catalyze university-industry partnerships and to drive innovation. The talk will focus on the use of advanced algorithms, semantic technologies, data visualizations and other text and data mining techniques to better understand the impacts that universities make in both basic and applied research, In addition, it will look at the existing linkages between academic and industrial research and give specific examples of innovation models that facilitate such collaboration. Finally, the talk will also look at how academic and university-based research contributes to the economic vitality and dynamism of cities, metro regions, and nations. Together, these data science and analytical tools allow us to better measure the “front end” of the innovation cycle, and to better understand how research evolves into commercial IP and patenting activity, and drives new firm formation and job growth.  Adam will also introduce how Pure uses data to help the institution understand themselves better and use that information to target the right areas to drive research and collaboration
此演講將聚焦新指標使用更佳的方式評估和推動大學與產業合作夥伴關係並促進創新發展利用先進的算法語義技術、資料視覺化和文字資料探勘技術,更了解大學在基礎和應用研究所帶來的影響此外可將學術研究和產業研究串聯促成產學合作,並建立創新模式的具體實例。最後,演講會談到大學的學術研究如何貢獻經濟活力,並可帶動城市國家的動力。這些數據科學和分析工具,使我們能夠容易衡量創新週期的“前端”,並更了解如何研究轉為智慧財產和專利用途,並帶動新企業的形成和就業增長。 此外 Adam 會介紹Pure 專家工具如何利用資料幫助機構更了解其研究表現並使用資訊關注適當的領域以推動研究和合作
12:10 – 12:50 國內經驗分享
Developing Strategic International Research Collaboration – A University Perspective
推動國際研究合作 – 大學的推動觀點

國立臺灣大學  國際長 張淑英教授
Prof. Luisa Shu-Ying Chang, Ph.D
Vice President for International Affairs
National Taiwan University

International partnerships are often initiated through a general Memorandum of Understanding or a central student exchange agreement between two institutions. Such partnerships, however, often fail to engage the majority of faculty and researchers at the institutions, arising as they do from the central administration or international office. To build up meaningful, sustainable partnerships and better utilize and integrate limited resources, today’s universities need to be intentional and strategic in bringing key stakeholders together to create a comprehensive internationalization plan, cultivating international partnerships, and turning that the plan into action. National Taiwan University (NTU) started a new initiative a few years ago to encourage more international research collaborations through providing platforms, connections and supports. This presentation will showcase how NTU integrates internal and external resources of research and administration to extend operative partnership and connect faculty members for more international research collaborations.

Diverse International Collaborations at National Taiwan Normal University
國立臺灣師範大學 多元化國際合作分享

國立臺灣師範大學  國際長 印永翔教授
Prof. Frank Y-H Ying, Ph.D
Vice President for International Affairs
National Taiwan Normal University
Normal University (NTNU) has always been dedicated to enhance international cooperation in learning, teaching, and research. In early this year, NTNU teams up with University of British Columbia (UBC) for Academic Leadership Development Program (ALDP). ALDP contains a series of motivating activities and courses to prepare and support NTNU academic professors take on roles of leaders such as the heads of University offices. Another successful case is the collaboration with Pennsylvania State University (PSU) and establishment of a joint research center, called the Advance Center for the Study of Learning Sciences (ACSLS) at NTNU. ACSLS emphasizes theoretical and practical research on language learning and science learning using both behavioral and neuroimaging studies for cultivating teachers and education research. ALDP and ACSLS are just two examples of successful cases with UBC and PSU, respectively. From diverse international collaborations, NTNU is rapidly transforming itself from a teacher-cultivating university to an interdisciplinary one.
國立臺灣師範大學(師大)一直致力於加強學習教學和研究的國際合作。在今年年初,師大與加拿大英屬哥倫比亞大學(UBC)展開學術領導力發展計劃(ALDP)的合作計畫。 ALDP包含了一系列互動性的活動和課程,以支持師大教授擔任一些主導的角色,如大學辦事處的負責人。另一個成功案例是美國賓夕法尼亞州立大學(PSU)合作在師大建立聯合研究中心,取名為 Advance Center,為科學學習(ACSLS)中心。 ACSLS強調培養教師和教育科研兩個行為和神經影像學研究對語言學習和科學學習的理論和實踐研究。 ALDP和ACSLS為師大與UBC和PSU合作的其中兩個成功案例,從多樣化的國際合作角度來看師大快速的從培養教師型的大學轉變為跨學科領域的大學
12:50 – 13:15 Panel Discussion

13:15 – 13:20 Closing Remarks

Ichiro Fukusaki, Regional Solution Sales Director of Research Management, Japan, Korea and Taiwan, Elsevier
Elsevier 日本韓國臺灣研究管理解決方案區域總監
Elsevier 臺灣行銷經理