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學 科 領 域
健康科學 / 護理 / 公衛 / 心理學 化學/化工 地球科學 / 環境科學
工程科學 動物學 / 獸醫學 數學 / 物理學
材料科學 生物醫學 社會科學 / 財務金融 / 經濟學
神經科學 / 生化 / 微免 能源 農學 / 生物學 / 食品科學
醫學(基礎及臨床) / 藥學 / 藥理學 /毒物學 法醫學 電腦 / 圖書資訊學

健康科學 / 護理 / 公衛 / 心理學
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年分 搶先看!
健康科學 / 護理 / 公衛 / 心理學 Urban Myths about Learning and Education 9780128015377 1st De Bruyckere, Pedro; Kirschner, Paul A.; Hulshof, Casper D.  2015 CLICK
健康科學 / 護理 / 公衛 / 心理學 Video Games and Creativity 9780128014622 1st Green, Garo P.; Kaufman, James C. 2015 CLICK
健康科學 / 護理 / 公衛 / 心理學 Adult Attachment: A Concise Introduction to Theory and Research 9780124200203 1st Gillath, Omri; Karantzas, Gery C.; Fraley, R. Chris 2016 CLICK
健康科學 / 護理 / 公衛 / 心理學 Alzheimer's Disease: Life Course Perspectives on Risk Reduction 9780128045381 1st Borenstein, Amy R.; Mortimer, James A. 2016 CLICK
健康科學 / 護理 / 公衛 / 心理學 Computer-Assisted and Web-based Innovations in Psychology, Special Education, and Health 9780128020753 1st Luiselli, James K.; Fischer, Aaron J. 2016 CLICK
健康科學 / 護理 / 公衛 / 心理學 Culturally Adapting Psychotherapy for Asian Heritage Populations: An Evidence-Based Approach 9780124173040 1st Hwang, Wei-Chin 2016 CLICK
健康科學 / 護理 / 公衛 / 心理學 Domain Specificity of Creativity 9780127999623 1st Baer, John 2016 CLICK
健康科學 / 護理 / 公衛 / 心理學 Emotion Measurement 9780081005088 1st Meiselman, Herbert 2016 CLICK
健康科學 / 護理 / 公衛 / 心理學 Emotions, Technology, and Behaviors 9780128018736 1st Tettegah, Sharon Y.; Espelage, Dorothy L. 2016 CLICK
健康科學 / 護理 / 公衛 / 心理學 Emotions, Technology, and Design 9780128018729 1st Tettegah, Sharon Y.; Noble, Safiya Umoja 2016 CLICK
健康科學 / 護理 / 公衛 / 心理學 Emotions, Technology, and Digital Games 9780128017388 1st Tettegah, Sharon Y.; Huang, Wenhao David 2016 CLICK
健康科學 / 護理 / 公衛 / 心理學 Emotions, Technology, and Health 9780128017371 1st Tettegah, Sharon Y.; Garcia, Yolanda Evie 2016 CLICK
健康科學 / 護理 / 公衛 / 心理學 Emotions, Technology, and Learning 9780128006498 1st Tettegah, Sharon Y.; McCreery, Michael P. 2016 CLICK
健康科學 / 護理 / 公衛 / 心理學 Emotions, Technology, and Social Media 9780128018576 1st Tettegah, Sharon Y. 2016 CLICK
健康科學 / 護理 / 公衛 / 心理學 Emotions, Technology, Design, and Learning 9780128018569 1st Tettegah, Sharon Y.; Gartmeier, Martin 2016 CLICK
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年分 搶先看!
化學 / 化工 High Temperature Oxidation and Corrosion of Metals  9780081001011 2nd Young, David J. 2016 CLICK
化學 / 化工 Human Fatigue Risk Management: Improving Safety in the Chemical Processing Industry 9780128024126 1st Murray, Susan L.; Thimgan, Matthew S. 2016 CLICK
化學 / 化工 Hydrodynamics and Transport Processes of Inverse Bubbly Flow 9780128032879 1st Majumder, Subrata Kumar 2016 CLICK
化學 / 化工 Industrial Catalytic Processes for Fine and Specialty Chemicals 9780128014578 1st Joshi, Sunil S.; Ranade, Vivek V. 2016 CLICK
化學 / 化工 Inherent Safety At Chemical Sites: Reducing Vulnerability to Accidents and Terrorism Through Green Chemistry 9780128041901 1st Anastas, Paul T.; Hammond, David G. 2016 CLICK
化學 / 化工 Job Hazard Analysis: A Guide for Voluntary Compliance and Beyond  9780128034415 2nd Roughton, James; Crutchfield, Nathan 2016 CLICK
化學 / 化工 Lanthanides Series Determination by Various Analytical Methods 9780128047040 1st Ganjali, Mohammad Reza; Gupta, Vinod Kumar; Faridbod, Farnoush; Norouzi, Parviz 2016 CLICK
化學 / 化工 Mineral Processing Design and Operations: An Introduction 9780444635891 2nd Gupta, Ashok; Yan, Denis 2016 CLICK
化學 / 化工 Multiscale Modeling for Process Safety Applications 9780123969750 1st Chakrabarty, Arnab; Mannan, Sam; Cagin Tahir 2016 CLICK
化學 / 化工 Nanocolloids: A Meeting Point for Scientists and Technologists 9780128015780 1st Sanchez-Dominguez; M.; Rodriguez-Abreu, C. 2016 CLICK
化學 / 化工 Nanomaterial and Polymer Membranes: Synthesis, Characterization, and Applications
9780128047033 1st Saleh, Tawfik Abdo; Gupta, Vinod Kumar 2016 CLICK
化學 / 化工 New and Future Developments in Microbial Biotechnology and Bioengineering:  Aspergillus System Properties and Applications 9780444635051 1st Gupta, Vijai Kumar 2016 CLICK
化學 / 化工 New and Future Developments in Microbial Biotechnology and Bioengineering: Microbial Cellulase System Properties and Applications 9780444635075 1st Gupta, Vijai Kumar 2016 CLICK
化學 / 化工 New Materials for Catalytic Applications 9780444635877 1st Parvulescu, Vasile I.; Kemnitz, Erhard 2016 CLICK
化學 / 化工 Pulp and Paper Industry: Energy Conservation 9780128034118 1st Bajpai, Pratima 2016 CLICK
化學 / 化工 Rethinking Bhopal: A Definitive Guide to Investigating, Preventing, and Learning from Industrial Disasters 9780128037782 1st Bloch, Kenneth 2016 CLICK
地球科學 / 環境科學
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年分 搶先看!
地球科學 / 環境科學 Coastal Zones: Solutions for the 21st Century 9780128027486 1st Baztan, Juan; Chouinard, Omer; Jorgensen, Bethany; Tett, Paul; Vanderlinden, Jean-Paul; Vasseur, Liette 2015 CLICK
地球科學 / 環境科學 Determination of Metals in Natural Waters, Sediments and Soils 9780128026540 1st Crompton, T. R. 2015 CLICK
地球科學 / 環境科學 Ecocatalysis: New Integrated Approach to Scientific Ecology 9781785480300 1st Grison, Claude; Escande, Vincent; Bitton, Jacques 2015 CLICK
地球科學 / 環境科學 Events of Increased Biodiversity: Evolutionary Radiations in the fossil Record 9781785480294 1st Neige, Pascal 2015 CLICK
地球科學 / 環境科學 Forest Policy, Economics, and Markets in Zambia 9780128040904 1st Ng'andwe, Phillimon 2015 CLICK
地球科學 / 環境科學 The Ecological Importance of Mixed-Severity Fires: Nature's Phoneix 9780128027493 1st DellaSala, Cominick A.; Hanson, Chad T. 2015 CLICK
地球科學 / 環境科學 Tsunamis in the European-Mediterranean Region: From Historical Record to Risk Mitigation 9780124202245 1st Papadopoulos, Gerassimos 2015 CLICK
地球科學 / 環境科學 Understanding Complex Ecosystem Dynamics: A Systems and Engineering Perspective 9780128020319 1st Yackinous, William S. 2015 CLICK
地球科學 / 環境科學 Biochar Application: Essential Soil Microbial Ecology 9780128034330 1st Ralebitso-Senior, Komang T.; Orr, Caroline H.  2016 CLICK
地球科學 / 環境科學 Cloud Computing in Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences 9780128031926 1st Vance, Tiffany C.; Merati, Nazila; Yang, Chaowei; Yuan, May 2016 CLICK
地球科學 / 環境科學 Digital Terrain Analysis in Soil Science and Geology  9780128046326 2nd Florinsky, Igor V. 2016 CLICK
地球科學 / 環境科學 Eco-Friendly Technology for Postharvest Produce Quality 9780128043134 1st Siddiqui, Mohammed Wasim 2016 CLICK
地球科學 / 環境科學 Ecological Model Types 9780444636232 1st Jorgensen, Sven Erik 2016 CLICK
地球科學 / 環境科學 Environmental Changes: The Futures of Nature 9781785480263 1st Granjou, Celine 2016 CLICK
地球科學 / 環境科學 Environmental Materials and Waste: Resource Recovery and Pollution Prevention 9780128038376 1st Prasad, M. N. V; Shih, Kaimin  2016 CLICK
地球科學 / 環境科學 Evidence-Based Climate Science: Data Opposing CO2 Emissions as the Primary Source of Global Warming 9780128045886 2nd Easterbrook, Don J. 2016 CLICK
地球科學 / 環境科學 Experiencing Climate Change in Bangladesh : Vulnerability and Adaptation in Coastal Regions 9780128034040 1st Momtaz, Salim; MD Shameem, Masud Iqbal 2016 CLICK
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年分 搶先看!
工程科學 Modeling and Precision Control of Systems with Hysteresis 9780128035283 1st Liu, Lei; Yang Yi 2016 CLICK
工程科學 Modeling Gravity Hazards from Rockfalls to Landslides: From Individual Rockfalls to Large Landslides 9781785480768 1st Richefeu, Vincent; Villard, Pascal 2016 CLICK
工程科學 Modern Assembly Language Programming with the ARM Processor 9780128036983 1st Pyeatt, Larry 2016 CLICK
工程科學 Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis for Supporting the Selection of Engineering Materials in Product Design  9780081005361 2nd Jahan, Ali; Edwards, Kevin L.; Bahraminasab, Marjan 2016 CLICK
工程科學 Multilayer Flexible Packaging  9780323371001 2nd Wagner, Jr., John R. 2016 CLICK
工程科學 Multiscale Structural Topology Optimization 9781785481000 1st Xia, Liang 2016 CLICK
工程科學 Nano- and Microfabrication for Industrial and Biomedical Applications  9780323378284 2nd Luttge, Regina 2016 CLICK
工程科學 Nanomaterials for Wastewater Remediation 9780128046098 1st Gautam, Ravindra Kumar; Chattopadhyaya, Mahesh Chandra 2016 CLICK
工程科學 Nanotechnology: An Introduction  9780323393119 2nd Ramsden, Jeremy 2016 CLICK
工程科學 Numerical Models for Submerged Breakwaters: Coastal Hydrodynamics and Morphodynamics 9780128024133 1st Ahmadian, Amir Sharif 2016 CLICK
工程科學 On-Road Intelligent Vehicles: Motion Planning for Intelligent Transportation Systems 9780128037294 1st Kala, Rahul 2016 CLICK
工程科學 Pavement Materials for Heat Island Mitigation: Design and Management Strategies 9780128034767 1st Li, Hui 2016 CLICK
工程科學 Performance Testing of Textiles: Methods, Technology and Applications 9780081005705 1st Wang, Lijing 2016 CLICK
工程科學 Pile Design and Construction Rules of Thumb  9780128042021 2nd Rajapakse, Ruwan 2016 CLICK
工程科學 Practical Engineering Management of Offshore Oil and Gas Platforms 9780128093313 1st Samie, Naeim Nouri 2016 CLICK
工程科學 Principles of Nuclear Rocket Propulsion 9780128044742 1st Emrich, William Jr 2016 CLICK
工程科學 Qualitative Analysis of Nonsmooth Dynamics: A Simple Discrete System with Unilateral Contact and Coulomb Friction 9781785480942 1st Leger, Alain; Pratt, Elaine 2016 CLICK
工程科學 Recent Trends in Cold-Formed Steel Construction 9780081001608 1st Yu, Cheng 2016 CLICK
工程科學 Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps  9780081006474 5th Hundy, G. F.; Trott, A.  R.; Welch, T. C. 2016 CLICK
工程科學 Reliability, Robustness and Failure Mechanisms of LED Devices: Methodology and Evaluation 9781785481529 1st Deshayes, Yannick; Bechou, Laurent  2016 CLICK
工程科學 RF and Mm-Wave Power Generation in Silicon 9780124080522 1st Wang, Hua; Sengupta, Kaushik 2016 CLICK
工程科學 RFID and Wireless Sensors Using Ultra-Wideband Technology 9781785480980 1st Ramos, Angel; Lazaro, Antonio; Girbau, David; Villarino, Ramon 2016 CLICK
工程科學 Rheological and Morphological Properties of Dispersed Polymeric Materials: Filled Polymers and Polymer Blends 9781569906071 1st Munstedt, Helmut 2016 CLICK
工程科學 Rock Fracture and Blasting: Theory and Applications 9780128026885 1st Zhang, Zong-Xian 2016 CLICK
工程科學 Rotary Kilns: Transport Phenomena and Transport Processes  9780128037805 2nd Boateng, A. A. 2016 CLICK
工程科學 Seismic Safety of High Arch Dams 9780128036280 1st Chen, Hougun; Wu, Shengxin; Dang, Faning 2016 CLICK
工程科學 Smart Bandage Technologies: Design and Application 9780128037621 1st Davis, James; McLister, Anna; Cundell, Jill; Finlay, Dewar 2016 CLICK
工程科學 Smart Buildings: Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology to Improve Energy-Efficiency and Environmental Performance 9780081009727 1st Casini, Marco 2016 CLICK
工程科學 Standard Handbook Oil Spill Environmental Forensics: Fingerprinting and Source Identification 9780128038321 2nd Stout, Scott A.; Wang, Zhendi 2016 CLICK
工程科學 Start-Up Creation: The Smart Eco-Efficient Built Environment 9780081005460 1st Pacheco-Torgal, Fernando 2016 CLICK
工程科學 Steel Corrosion-Induced Concrete Cracking 9780128091975 1st Zhao, Yuxi; Jin, Weiliang 2016 CLICK
工程科學 Structural Behavior of Asphalt Pavements 9780128499085 1st Sun, Lijun 2016 CLICK
工程科學 Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) in Aerospace Structures 9780081001486 1st Yuan, Fuh-Gwo 2016 CLICK
工程科學 Sustainability of Construction Materials  9780081009956 2nd Khatib, J 2016 CLICK
工程科學 Sustainable Power Technologies and Infrastructure: Energy Sustainability and Prosperity in a Time of Climate Change 9780128039090 1st Suppes, Galen J.; Storvick, Truman S. 2016 CLICK
工程科學 System Verification: Proving the Design Solution Satisfies the Requirements  9780128042212 2nd Grady, Jeffrey O. 2016 CLICK
工程科學 Taking the LEAP: The Methods and Tools of the Linked Engineering and Manufacturing Platform (LEAP) 9780128052631 1st Kiritsis, Dimitris 2016 CLICK
工程科學 Textile Fibre Composites in Civil Engineering 9781782424468 1st Triantafillou, Thanasis 2016 CLICK
工程科學 The Boundary Element Method for Engineers and Scientists: Theory and Applications  9780128044933 2nd Katsikadelis, John T. 2016 CLICK
工程科學 The Designer's Guide to the Cortex-M Processor Family 9780081006290 2nd Martin, Trevor 2016 CLICK
工程科學 The Utilization of Slag in Civil Infrastructure Construction 9780081009949 1st Wang, George  2016 CLICK
工程科學 Theory and Calculation of Heat Transfer in Furnaces 9780128009666 1st Zhang, Yanguo; Li Qinghai; Zhou, Hui 2016 CLICK
工程科學 Time-Frequency Signal Analysis and Processing: A Comprehensive Reference 9780123984999 2nd Boashash, Boualem 2016 CLICK
工程科學 Traffic Anomaly Detection 9781785480126 1st Cuadra-Sanchez; Antonio; Aracil, Javier 2016 CLICK
工程科學 Traffic Flow Theory: Characteristics, Experimental Methods, and Numerical Techniques 9780128041345 1st Ni, Daiheng 2016 CLICK
工程科學 Tribological Processes in the Valve Train Systems with Lightweight Valves: New Research and Modelling 9780081009567 1st Siczek, Krzysztof Jan 2016 CLICK
工程科學 Undersea Fiber Communication Systems  9780128042694 2nd Chesnoy, Jose 2016 CLICK
動物學 / 獸醫學
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年分 搶先看!
動物學  / 獸醫學 Small Animal Dermatology: A Color Atlas and Therapeutic Guide  9780323376518 4th Hnilica, Keith 2017 CLICK
動物學  / 獸醫學 Anatomy of Dolphins: Insights Into Body Structure and Function 9780124072299 1st Cozzi, Bruno; Huggenberger, Stefan; Oelschlager, Helmut 2017 CLICK
動物學  / 獸醫學 Animal Vigilance: Monitoring Predators and Competitors 9780128019832 1st Beauchamp, Guy 2015 CLICK
數學 / 物理學
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年分 搶先看!
數學 / 物理學 Local Fractional Integral Transforms and their Applications 9780128040027 1st Yang, Xiao Jun; Baleanu, dumitru; Srivastava, H. M. 2015 CLICK
數學 / 物理學 Magnetism of Surfaces, Interfaces, and Nanoscale Materials 9780444626349 1st Camley, Robert E.; Celinski, Zbigniew; Stamps, Robert L. 2015 CLICK
數學 / 物理學 Mathematical Modeling in Diffraction Theory: Based on a Priori Information on the Analytical Properties of the Solution 9780128037287 1st Kyurckhan, Alexander G.; Smimova, Nadezhda I. 2015 CLICK
數學 / 物理學 Unified Non-Local Relativistic Theory of Transport Processes 9780444638540 1st Alexeev, Boris V. 2016 CLICK
數學 / 物理學 Atomic and Molecular Photoabsorption: Partial Cross Sections 9780128019436 1st Berkowitz, Joseph 2015 CLICK
數學 / 物理學 Neutron Scattering - Magnetic and Quantum Phenomena 9780128020494 1st Fernandez-Alonso, Felix; Price, David L. 2015 CLICK
數學 / 物理學 Unified Non-Local Theory of Transport Processes: Generalized Boltzmann Physical Kinetics 9780444634788 2nd Alexeev, Boris V. 2015 CLICK
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年分 搶先看!
材料科學 Stress Corrosion Cracking of Nickel Based Alloys in Water-cooled Nuclear Reactors 9780081000496 1st FERON, Damien 2016 CLICK
材料科學 Structure and Properties of Nanoalloys 9780081002124 1st Ferrando, Riccardo 2016 CLICK
材料科學 Surface Chemistry of Nanobiomaterials: Applications of Nanobiomaterials 9780323428613 1st Alexandru Grumezescu, Grumezescu 2016 CLICK
材料科學 The First Snap-Fit Handbook: Creating and Managing Attachments for Plastics Parts 9781569905951 3rd Bonenberger, Paul R. 2016 CLICK
材料科學 Theory and Methods of Metallurgical Process Integration 9780128095683 1st Yin, Ruiyu 2016 CLICK
材料科學 Thin Film Coatings for Biomaterials and Biomedical Applications 9781782424536 1st Griesser, Hans J 2016 CLICK
材料科學 Transformation Optics-based Antennas 9781785481970 1st Burokur, Shah Nawaz; de Lustrac, andre; Yi, Jianjia; Tichit, Paul-Henri 2016 CLICK
材料科學 Wound Healing Biomaterials, Volume 1: Therapies and Regeneration 9781782424550 1st Agren, Magnus S 2016 CLICK
材料科學 Wound Healing Biomaterials, Volume 2: Functional Biomaterials 9781782424567 1st Agren, Magnus S 2016 CLICK
材料科學 Activated Carbon Fiber and Textiles 9780081006603 1st Chen, Jonathan Y 2017 CLICK
材料科學 Advanced High Strength Natural Fibre Composites in Construction 9780081004111 1st Fan, Mizi; Fu, Feng 2017 CLICK
材料科學 Automotive Steels: Design, Metallurgy, Processing and Applications 9780081006382 1st Rana, Radhakanta; Singh, Shiv Brat 2017 CLICK
材料科學 Biocompatibility of Dental Biomaterials 9780081008843 1st Shelton, Richard 2017 CLICK
材料科學 Biofilms and Implantable Medical Devices 9780081003824 1st Deng, Ying 2017 CLICK
材料科學 Bioinspired Materials for Medical Applications 9780081007419 1st Rodrigues, Lígia 2017 CLICK
材料科學 Bio-Instructive Scaffolds for Musculoskeletal Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine 9780128033944 1st Brown, Justin L.; Kumbar, Sangamesh G.; Banik, Brittany L.  2017 CLICK
材料科學 Biopolymer Composites in Electronics 9780128092613 1st Sadasivuni, K.K.; Ponnamma, D.; Kim, J.; Cabibihan, J.J.; AlMaadeed, M.A. 2017 CLICK
材料科學 Bioresorbable Polymers for Biomedical Applications 9780081002629 1st Peral, Giuseppe; Hilborn Joens 2017 CLICK
材料科學 Bone Response to Dental Implant Materials 9780081002872 1st Piattelli, Adriano 2017 CLICK
材料科學 Brydson's Plastics Materials 9780323358248 8th Gilbert, Marianne 2017 CLICK
材料科學 Chemically Modified Nanopores and Nanochannels 9780323401821 1st Tagliazucchi, Mario 2017 CLICK
材料科學 Chitosan Based Biomaterials, Volume 1: Fundamentals  9780081002308 1st Jennings, Jessica 2017 CLICK
材料科學 Chitosan Based Biomaterials, Volume 2: Tissue Engineering and Therapeutics 9780081002285 1st Jennings, Jessica 2017 CLICK
材料科學 Electrospun Nanofibers 9780081009079 1st Afshari, Mehdi 2017 CLICK
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年分 搶先看!
生物醫學 Percutaneous Surgery of the Upper Urinary Tract: Handbook of Endourology 9780128024041 1st Geavlete, Petrisor A. 2016 CLICK
生物醫學 Polymers and Nanomaterials for Gene Therapy 9780081005200 1st Narain, Ravin 2016 CLICK
生物醫學 Regenerative Medicine for Peripheral Artery Disease 9780128013441 1st Mohler III, Emile R.; Annex, Brian H. 2016 CLICK
生物醫學 Retrograde Ureteroscopy: Handbook of Endourology 9780128024034 1st Geavlete, Petrisor A. 2016 CLICK
生物醫學 Sex Differences in Physiology 9780128023884 1st Neigh, Gretchen N.; Mitzelfelt, Megan M. 2016 CLICK
生物醫學 Skin Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine 9780128016541 1st Alanna, Mohammad Z.; Holmes IV, James H. 2016 CLICK
生物醫學 Translational Research in Coronary Artery Disease: Pathophysiology to Treatment 9780128023853 1st Aronow, Wilbert S.; McClung, John Arthur 2016 CLICK
生物醫學 A Historical Introduction to Mathematical Modeling of Infectious Diseases: Seminal Papers in Epidemiology 9780128022603 1st Foppa, Ivo M. 2017 CLICK
生物醫學 Aneurysms-Osteoarthritis Syndrome: SMAD3 Gene Mutations 9780128027080 1st van der Linde, Denise; Loeys, Bart L.; Roos-Hesselink, Jloien W. 2017 CLICK
生物醫學 Atlas of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis 9780128038086 1st Velayati, Ali akbar; Farnia, Parissa 2017 CLICK
生物醫學 Big Mechanisms in Systems Biology: Big Data Mining, Network Modeling, and Genome-Wide Data Identification 9780128094792 1st Chen, Bor-Sen; Li, Cheng-Wei 2017 CLICK
生物醫學 Biomarkers of Kidney Disease  9780128030141 2nd Edelstein, Charles L. 2017 CLICK
生物醫學 Cardio-Oncology: Principles, Prevention and Management 9780128035474 1st Gottlieb, Roberta A.; Mehta, Puja K. 2017 CLICK
社會科學 / 財務金融 / 經濟學
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年分 搶先看!
社會科學 / 財務金融 / 經濟學 Bank Risk Management in Developing Economies: Addressing the Unique Challenges of Domestic Banks through Risk Management 9780128054796 1st Onyiriuba, Leonard 2016 CLICK
社會科學 / 財務金融 / 經濟學 Global Imbalances, Financial Crises, and Central Bank Policies 9780128104026 1st Steiner, Andreas 2016 CLICK
社會科學 / 財務金融 / 經濟學 Roots of Brazilian Relative Economic Backwardness 9780128097564 1st Barros, alexandre Rands 2016 CLICK
社會科學 / 財務金融 / 經濟學 Stochastic Models of Financial Mathematics 9781785481987 1st Mackevicius, Vigirdas 2016 CLICK
社會科學 / 財務金融 / 經濟學 Credit Insurance 9780124114586 1st Jus, Miran 2013 CLICK
社會科學 / 財務金融 / 經濟學 Diversity And The Effective Corporate Board 9780124104976 1st Mishra, Ram 2013 CLICK
社會科學 / 財務金融 / 經濟學 Investing In Hedge Funds: A Guide To Measuring Risk And Return Characteristics 9780124047310 1st Bali, Turban 2013 CLICK
社會科學 / 財務金融 / 經濟學 Advanced Fixed Income Analysis  9780080999388 2nd Choudhry, Moorad; Lizzio, Michele 2015 CLICK
社會科學 / 財務金融 / 經濟學 Contagion Phenomena with Applications in Finance 9781785480355 1st Gourieroux, Christian; Darolles, Serge 2015 CLICK
社會科學 / 財務金融 / 經濟學 Contemporary Financial Intermediation  9780124051966 3rd Greenbaum, Stuart, I.; Thakor, Anjan V.; Boot, Amound 2015 CLICK
社會科學 / 財務金融 / 經濟學 Global Mobility of Research Scientists: The Economics of Who Goes where and Why 9780128013960 1st Geuna, Aldo 2015 CLICK
社會科學 / 財務金融 / 經濟學 Introduction to the Theories and Varieties of Modern Crime in Financial Markets 9780128012215 1st Frunza, Marius-Christian 2015 CLICK
社會科學 / 財務金融 / 經濟學 Mathematical Basis for Finance: Stochastic Calculus for Finance 9781785480348 1st Gushchin, Alexander A. 2015 CLICK
社會科學 / 財務金融 / 經濟學 Nonlinear Dynamics of Financial Crises: Nonlinear Dynamics of financial Crises 9780128032756 1st Purica, Ionut 2015 CLICK
社會科學 / 財務金融 / 經濟學 Principles of International Finance and Open Economy Macroeconomics: Theories, Applications and Policies 9780128022979 1st Terra, Cristina 2015 CLICK
神經科學 / 生化 / 微免
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年分 搶先看!
神經科學 / 生化 / 微免 Trigeminocardiac Reflex 9780128004210 1st Chowdhury, Tumul; Schaller, Bernhard 2015 CLICK
神經科學 / 生化 / 微免 Waking and the Reticular Activating System in Health and Disease 9780128013854 1st Garcia-Rill, Edgar 2015 CLICK
神經科學 / 生化 / 微免 Adult Neurogenesis in the Hippocampus: Health, Psychopathology, and Brain Disease 9780128019771 1st Canales, Juan J. 2016 CLICK
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神經科學 / 生化 / 微免 Atlas of Early Zebrafish Brain Development: A Tool for Molecular Neurogenetics 9780124186699 2nd Muller, Thomas; Wullimann, Mario F. 2016 CLICK
神經科學 / 生化 / 微免 Autoimmune Neurology 9780444634320 1st Pittock, Sean J.; Vincent, Angela 2016 CLICK
神經科學 / 生化 / 微免 Axons and Brain Architecture 9780128013939 1st Rockland, Kathleen S. 2016 CLICK
神經科學 / 生化 / 微免 Chemosensory Transduction: The Detection of Odors, Tastes, and Other Chemostimuli 9780128016947 1st Zufall, Frank; Munger, Steven D. 2016 CLICK
神經科學 / 生化 / 微免 Closed Loop Neuroscience 9780128024522 1st Hadt, Ahmed EI 2016 CLICK
神經科學 / 生化 / 微免 Complications in Neuroanesthesia 9780128040751 1st Parbakar, Hemanshu 2016 CLICK
神經科學 / 生化 / 微免 Congenital Heart Disease and Neurodevelopment: Understanding and Improving Outcomes 9780128016404 1st McCusker, Christopher; Casey, Frank 2016 CLICK
神經科學 / 生化 / 微免 Continuous Issues in Numerical Cognition: How Many Or How Much 9780128016374 1st Henik; Avishai 2016 CLICK
神經科學 / 生化 / 微免 Essential Clinically Applied Anatomy of the Peripheral Nervous System in the Head and Neck 9780128036334 1st Rea, Paul 2016 CLICK
神經科學 / 生化 / 微免 Functional Neurologic Disorders 9780128017722 1st Hallett, Mark; Stone, Jon; Carson, Alan 2016 CLICK
神經科學 / 生化 / 微免 Fundamental Statistical Principles for the Neurobiologist: A Survival Guide 9780128047538 1st Scheff, Stephen W. 2016 CLICK
神經科學 / 生化 / 微免 Fundamentals of Brain Network Analysis 9780124079083 1st Fornito, Alex; Zalesky, Andrew; Bullmore, Edward T. 2016 CLICK
神經科學 / 生化 / 微免 Genes, Environment and Alzheimer's Disease 9780128028513 1st Lazarov, Orly; Tesco, Giuseppina 2016 CLICK
神經科學 / 生化 / 微免 Gliomas 9780128029978 1st Berger, Mitchel S.; Weller, Michael 2016 CLICK
神經科學 / 生化 / 微免 Handbook of Neuro-Oncology Neuroimaging  9780128009451 2nd Newton, Herbert B. 2016 CLICK
神經科學 / 生化 / 微免 Intracellular Consequences of Amyloid in Alzheimer's Disease 9780128042564 1st D'Andrea; Michael R. 2016 CLICK
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神經科學 / 生化 / 微免 Making a Scientific Case for Conscious Agency and Free Will 9780128051535 1st Klemm, W. R. 2016 CLICK
神經科學 / 生化 / 微免 Network Neuroscience 9780128015605 1st Frohlich, Flavio 2016 CLICK
神經科學 / 生化 / 微免 Neuroepidemiology 9780128029732 1st Aminoff, Michael J.; Boller, Francois; Swaab. Dick F. 2016 CLICK
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神經科學 / 生化 / 微免 Neuroimaging Part II 9780444534866 1st Masdeu, Joseph C.; Gonzalez, Gilberto 2016 CLICK
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年分 搶先看!
能源 Offshore Wind Farms: Technologies, Design and Operation 9780081007792 1st Ng, Chong  2016 CLICK
能源 Phasor Measurement Units and Wide Area Monitoring Systems: From the Sensors to the System 9780128045695 1st Monti, Antonello; Muscas, Carlo; Ponci, Ferdinanda 2016 CLICK
能源 Power Converters with Digital Filter Feedback Control 9780128042984 1st Wu, Keng 2016 CLICK
能源 Regulation and Investments in Energy Markets: Solutions for the Mediterranean 9780128044360 1st Rubino, Alessandro; Costa Campi, Maria Teresa; Lenzi, Veronica; Ozturk, Ilhan 2016 CLICK
能源 Renewable Heating and Cooling 9781782422136 1st Stryi-Hipp, G 2016 CLICK
能源 Reservoir Engineering: The Fundamentals, Simulation, and Management of Conventional and Unconventional Recoveries 9780128002193 1st Satter, Abdus; Lqbal, Ghulam M. 2016 CLICK
能源 Small Modular Reactors: Nuclear Power Fad Or Future? 9780081002520 1st Ingersoll, Daniel 2016 CLICK
能源 Solar Chimney Power Plant Generating Technology 9780128053706 1st Ming, Tingzhen 2016 CLICK
能源 Solar Photovoltaic Technology Production: Potential Environmental Impacts and Implications for Governance 9780128029534 1st Sundaram, Senthilarasu; Benson, David; Mallick, Tapas Kumar 2016 CLICK
能源 Solar Power Generation 9780128040041 1st Breeze, Paul 2016 CLICK
能源 Storing Energy: With Special Reference to Renewable Energy Sources 9780128034408 1st Letcher, Trevor M.  2016 CLICK
能源 Sustainable Energy from Salinity Gradients 9780081003121 1st Cipollina, Andrea 2016 CLICK
能源 Thermal Solar Desalination: Methods and Systems 9780128096567 1st Belessiotis, Vassilis; Kalogirou, Soteris; Delyannis, Emmy 2016 CLICK
農學 / 生物學 / 食品科學
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年分 搶先看!
農學 / 生物學 / 食品科學 Integrating the Packaging and Product Experience in Food and Beverages 9780081003565 1st Burgess, Peter 2016 CLICK
農學 / 生物學 / 食品科學 Ionic Liquids in Lipid Processing and Analysis: Opportunities and Challenges 9781630670474 1st Xu, Xuebing; Guo, Zheng; Cheong, Ling-Zhi 2016 CLICK
農學 / 生物學 / 食品科學 Kiwifruit: The Genus ACTINIDIA 9780128030660 1st Huang, Hongwen 2016 CLICK
農學 / 生物學 / 食品科學 Lactose-Derived Prebiotics: A Process Perspective 9780128027240 1st Illanes, Andres; Guerrero, Cecillia; Vera, Carlos; Wilson, Lorena; Conejeros, Raul; Scott, Felipe 2016 CLICK
農學 / 生物學 / 食品科學 Managing Water on China's Farms: Institutions, Policies and the Transformation of Irrigation Under Scarcity 9780128051641 1st Wang, Jinxia; Huang, Qiuqiong; Huang, Jikun; Rozelle, Scott 2016 CLICK
農學 / 生物學 / 食品科學 Modeling in Food Microbiology: From Predictive Microbiology to Exposure Assessment 9781785481550 1st Mebre, Jeanne-Marie; Valdramidis, Vasilis 2016 CLICK
農學 / 生物學 / 食品科學 Multisensory Flavor Perception: From Fundamental Neuroscience Through to the Marketplace 9780081003503 1st Piqueras-Fiszman, Betina 2016 CLICK
農學 / 生物學 / 食品科學 Mushroom Biotechnology: Developments and Applications 9780128027943 1st Peter, Marian 2016 CLICK
農學 / 生物學 / 食品科學 Non-Bovine Milk and Milk Products 9780128033616 1st Tsakalidou, Effie; Papadimitriou, Konstantinos 2016 CLICK
農學 / 生物學 / 食品科學 Novel Approaches of Nanotechnology in Food 9780128043080 1st Grumezescu, Alexandru Mihai 2016 CLICK
農學 / 生物學 / 食品科學 Nutraceuticals 9780128043059 1st Grumezescu, Alexandru Mihai 2016 CLICK
農學 / 生物學 / 食品科學 Oxidative Stability and Shelf Life of Foods Containing Oils and Fats 9781630670566 1st Hu, Min; Jacobsen, Charlotte 2016 CLICK
農學 / 生物學 / 食品科學 Peanuts: Genetics, Processing, and Utilization 9781630670382 1st Stalker, H. Thomas; Wilson, Richard F. 2016 CLICK
農學 / 生物學 / 食品科學 Peanuts: Processing Technology and Product Development 9780128095959 1st Wang, Qiang 2016 CLICK
農學 / 生物學 / 食品科學 Rapid Detection of Food Adulterants and Contaminants: Theory and Practice 9780124200845 1st Jha, Shyam Narayan 2016 CLICK
農學 / 生物學 / 食品科學 Salami: Practical Science and Processing Technology 9780128095980 1st Feiner, Gehard 2016 CLICK
農學 / 生物學 / 食品科學 Seafood Authenticity and Traceability: A DNA-based Perspective 9780128015926 1st Naaum, Amanda M.; Hanner, Robert H. 2016 CLICK
醫學(基礎及臨床) / 藥學 / 藥理學 /毒物學
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醫學(基礎及臨床) / 藥學 / 藥理學 /毒物學 Engineered Nanoparticles: Structure, Properties and Mechanisms of Toxicity 9780128014066 1st Singh, Ashok K. 2016 CLICK
醫學(基礎及臨床) / 藥學 / 藥理學 /毒物學 Essential Chemistry for Formulators of Semisolid and Liquid Dosages 9780128010242 1st Kulkarni, Vitthal S.; Shaw, Charles 2016 CLICK
醫學(基礎及臨床) / 藥學 / 藥理學 /毒物學 Fundamentals of Toxicology:  Essential Concepts and Applications. 9780128054260 1st Gupta, P. K. 2016 CLICK
醫學(基礎及臨床) / 藥學 / 藥理學 /毒物學 Genetic Toxicology Testing: A Laboratory Manual 9780128007648 1st Proudlock, Ray 2016 CLICK
醫學(基礎及臨床) / 藥學 / 藥理學 /毒物學 How to Validate a Pharmaceutical Process 9780128041482 1st Ostrove, Steven A. 2016 CLICK
醫學(基礎及臨床) / 藥學 / 藥理學 /毒物學 Molecular Biological Markers for Toxicology and Risk Assessment 9780128095898 1st Fowler, Bruce A. 2016 CLICK
醫學(基礎及臨床) / 藥學 / 藥理學 /毒物學 Nutraceuticals: Efficacy, Safety and Toxicity 9780128021477 1st Gupta, Ramesh C. 2016 CLICK
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醫學(基礎及臨床) / 藥學 / 藥理學 /毒物學 A Comprehensive Guide to Toxicology in Nonclinical Drug Development 9780128036204 2nd Faqi, Ali Said 2017 CLICK
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年分 搶先看!
法醫學 Security Supervision and Management: Theory and Practice of Asset Protection 9780128001134 4th IFPO; Davies, Sandi J. 2015 CLICK
法醫學 Security Technology Convergence Insights 9780128028421 1st Bernard, Ray 2015 CLICK
法醫學 The Analysis of Burned Human Remains  9780128004517 2nd Schmidt, Christopher W.; Symes, Steven A. 2015 CLICK
法醫學 The Process of Investigation: Concepts and Strategies for Investigators in the Private Sector 9780128001660 4th Sennewald, Charles A.; Tsukayama, John 2015 CLICK
法醫學 Behavioral Evidence Analysis: International Forensic Practice and Protocols 9780128006078 1st Turvey, Brent E.; Esparza, Manuel A. 2016 CLICK
法醫學 Beyond the Bones: Engaging with Disparate Datasets 9780128046012 1st Mant, Madeleine; Holland, Alyson 2016 CLICK
法醫學 Biological Distance Analysis: Forensic and Bioarchaeological Perspectives 9780128019665 1st Pilloud, Marin A.; Hefner, Joseph T. 2016 CLICK
法醫學 Biosecurity and Bioterrorism: Containing and Preventing Biological Threats 9780128020296 2nd Ryan, Jeffrey R. 2016 CLICK
法醫學 Blinding as a Solution to Bias: Strengthening Biomedical Science, Forensic Science, and Law 9780128024607 1st Robertson, Christoher T.; Kesselheim, Aaron S. 2016 CLICK
法醫學 Building a Corporate Culture of Security: Strategies for Strengthening Organizational Resiliency 9780128020197 1st Sullivant, John  2016 CLICK
法醫學 Building a Travel Risk Management Program: Traveler Safety and Duty of Care for Any Organization 9780128019252 1st Brossman, Charles 2016 CLICK
法醫學 Executing Windows Command Line Investigations 9780128092682 1st Hosmer, Chet  2016 CLICK
法醫學 Forensic Epidemiology: Principles and Practice 9780124045842 1st Freeman, Michael D.; Zeegers, Maurice P. 2016 CLICK
法醫學 Forensic Plant Science 9780128014752 1st Bock, Jane H.; Norris, David O. 2016 CLICK
電腦 / 圖書資訊學
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年分 搶先看!
電腦 / 圖書資訊學 Introduction to Statistical Machine Learning 9780128021217 1st Sugiyama, Masashi  2016 CLICK
電腦 / 圖書資訊學 Mobile Security and Privacy 9780128046296 1st Au, Man Ho 2016 CLICK
電腦 / 圖書資訊學 Multi-Dimensional Summarization in Cyber-Physical Society 9780128034552 1st Zhuge, Hai 2016 CLICK
電腦 / 圖書資訊學 Network Function Virtualization 9780128021194 1st Nadeau, Thomas 2016 CLICK
電腦 / 圖書資訊學 Network Performance and Security 9780128035849 1st Chapman, Chris 2016 CLICK
電腦 / 圖書資訊學 Optimizing the Display and Interpretation of Data 9780128045138 1st Warner, Robert A. 2016 CLICK
電腦 / 圖書資訊學 Os X Incident Response 9780128044568 1st Bradley, Jaron  2016 CLICK
電腦 / 圖書資訊學 Perspectives on Data Science for Software Engineering 9780128042069 1st Menzies, Tim 2016 CLICK
電腦 / 圖書資訊學 Pervasive Computing: Next Generation Platforms for Intelligent Data Collection  9780128036631 1st Dobre, Ciprian; Xhafa, Fatos 2016 CLICK
電腦 / 圖書資訊學 Physically Based Rendering: From Theory to Implementation 9780128006450 3rd Pharr, Matt 2016 CLICK
電腦 / 圖書資訊學 Practical Deployment of Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) 9780128044575 1st Richter, Andy  2016 CLICK
電腦 / 圖書資訊學 Preserving Electronic Evidence for Trial 9780128093351 1st Zeigler, Ann 2016 CLICK
電腦 / 圖書資訊學 Protecting Patient Information: A Decision-Maker's Guide to Risk, Prevention, and Damage Control
9780128043929 1st Cerrato, Paul 2016 CLICK
電腦 / 圖書資訊學 Quantifying the User Experience: Practical Statistics for User Research 9780128023082 2nd Sauro, Jeff; Lewis, James R. 2016 CLICK
電腦 / 圖書資訊學 Relational Database Design and Implementation  9780128043998 4th Harmington, Jan L. 2016 CLICK
電腦 / 圖書資訊學 Shared Memory Application Programming 9780128037614 1st Alessandrini, Victor 2016 CLICK
電腦 / 圖書資訊學 Smart Cities and Homes 9780128034545 1st Obaidat, Mohammad 2016 CLICK
電腦 / 圖書資訊學 Successes and Failures of Knowledge Management 9780128051870 1st Liebowitz, Jay 2016 CLICK
電腦 / 圖書資訊學 Sustainable Wireless Network-On-chip Architectures 9780128036259 1st Murray, Jacob 2016 CLICK
電腦 / 圖書資訊學 Systems Analysis and Synthesis: Bridging Computer Science and Information Technology 9780128053041 1st Dwyer, Barry 2016 CLICK
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