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學 科 領 域
健康科學 / 護理 / 公衛 / 心理學 化學/化工 地球科學 / 環境科學
工程科學 動物學 / 獸醫學 數學 / 物理學
材料科學 生物醫學 社會科學 / 財務金融 / 經濟學
神經科學 / 生化 / 微免 能源 農學 / 生物學 / 食品科學
醫學(基礎及臨床) / 藥學 / 藥理學 /毒物學 法醫學 電腦 / 圖書資訊學

健康科學 / 護理 / 公衛 / 心理學
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年分 搶先看!
健康科學 / 護理 / 公衛 / 心理學 Le Retard De Croissance Intra-Utérin 9782294714962 1st Tsatsaris, Vassilis 2012 CLICK
健康科學 / 護理 / 公衛 / 心理學 L'Enfant Schizophrène L'Enfance Du Schizophrène 9782294719226 1st Bailly, Daniel 2012 CLICK
健康科學 / 護理 / 公衛 / 心理學 Les Violences Sexuelles À L'Adolescence: Comprendre, Accueillir, Prevenir 9782294713583 1st Roman, Pascal 2012 CLICK
健康科學 / 護理 / 公衛 / 心理學 L'Infirmier En Psychiatrie: Les Grands Principles Du Soin En Psychiatrie 9782294086212 2nd Morasz, Laurent 2012 CLICK
健康科學 / 護理 / 公衛 / 心理學 Manual De Otorrinolaringología Infantil 9788480869058 1st Navarro, Pilar 2012 CLICK
健康科學 / 護理 / 公衛 / 心理學 Manuel De Psychiatrie 9782294711572 2nd Guelfi, Julien-Daniel 2012 CLICK
健康科學 / 護理 / 公衛 / 心理學 Manuel De Psychologie Clinique De La Périnatalité 9782294705410 1st Missonnier, Sylvain 2012 CLICK
健康科學 / 護理 / 公衛 / 心理學 Médicament Et Grossesse : Prescrire Et Évaluer Le Risque 9782294706240 1st Jonville-Bera, Annie-Pierre  2012 CLICK
健康科學 / 護理 / 公衛 / 心理學 Neurofarmacología Contemporánea 9788480868754 1st Zarranz, Juan J. 2012 CLICK
健康科學 / 護理 / 公衛 / 心理學 Neurologie 9782294714511 13th Cambier, Jean 2012 CLICK
健康科學 / 護理 / 公衛 / 心理學 Nutrition De La Personne Âgée 9782294711251 4th Ferry, Monique 2012 CLICK
健康科學 / 護理 / 公衛 / 心理學 Pares Craneales. Médula Espinal. Sistema Nervioso Periférico 9788445820384 1st Borobia Fernández, César 2012 CLICK
健康科學 / 護理 / 公衛 / 心理學 Pathologies Musculosquelettiques Douloureuses: Imagerie Et Diagnostic 9782294714290 1st Waldman, Steven D. 2012 CLICK
健康科學 / 護理 / 公衛 / 心理學 Podologie 9782294714818 6th Goldcher, Alain 2012 CLICK
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年分 搶先看!
化學 / 化工 Biflavanoids: Chemical and Pharmacological Aspects 9780081010303 1st Lone, Shabir Hussain; Khuroo, Mohd Akbar 2016 CLICK
化學 / 化工 Carboranes 9780128018941 3rd Grimes, Russell N. 2016 CLICK
化學 / 化工 Colloid and Interface Chemistry for Water Quality Control 9780128093153 1st Chang, Qing 2016 CLICK
化學 / 化工 Deuterium: Discovery and Applications in Organic Chemistry 9780128110409 1st Yang, Jaemoon 2016 CLICK
化學 / 化工 Drug-Like Properties:  Concepts, Structure Design and Methods from ADME to Toxicity Optimization 9780128010761 2nd Di, Li; Kerns, Edward H. 2016 CLICK
化學 / 化工 Efficient Methods for Preparing Silicon Compounds 9780128035306 1st Roesky, Herbert W. 2016 CLICK
化學 / 化工 Essentials of Coordination Chemistry: A Simplified Approach with 3D Visuals 9780128038956 1st Bhatt, Vasishta 2016 CLICK
化學 / 化工 Forced-Flow Layer Chromatography 9780124201613 1st Tyihak, Erno 2016 CLICK
化學 / 化工 High-Resolution NMR Techniques in Organic Chemistry 9780080999869 3rd Claridge, Timoth D. W. 2016 CLICK
化學 / 化工 Mechanochemical Organic Synthesis 9780128021842 1st Margetic, Davor; Strukil, Vjekoslav 2016 CLICK
化學 / 化工 Organic Nanoreactors: From Molecular to Supramolecular Organic Compounds 9780128017135 1st Sadjadi, Samahe 2016 CLICK
化學 / 化工 Photonic and Electronic Properties of Fluoride Materials: Progress in Fluorine Science Series 9780128016398 1st Tressaud, Alain; Poeppelmeier, Kenneth 2016 CLICK
化學 / 化工 Progress in Heterocyclic Chemistry, Volume 28 9780081007556 1st Gribble, Gordon 2016 CLICK
化學 / 化工 Resolving Spectral Mixtures With Applications from Ultrafast Time-Resolved Spectroscopy to Super-Resolution Imaging 9780444636386 1st Ruckebusch, Cyrill 2016 CLICK
地球科學 / 環境科學
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年分 搶先看!
地球科學 / 環境科學 Reflexive Cartography: A New Perspective in Mapping 9780128035092 1st Casti, Emanuela 2015 CLICK
地球科學 / 環境科學 The Ore Minerals Under the Microscope: An Optical Guide  9780444627254 2nd Pracejus. Bernhard 2015 CLICK
地球科學 / 環境科學 Wetlands for Water Pollution Control 9780444636072 2nd Scholz, Miklas 2015 CLICK
地球科學 / 環境科學 Disaster Prevention Policies: A Challenging and Critical Outlook 9781785481963 1st Pigeon, Partick; Rebotier, Julien  2016 CLICK
地球科學 / 環境科學 Environmental and Health Issues in Unconventional Oil and Gas Development 9780128041116 1st Kaden, Debra; Rose, Tracie L. 2016 CLICK
地球科學 / 環境科學 Land Surface Remote Sensing in Agriculture and Forest 9781785481031 1st Baghdadi, Nicolas; Zribi, Mehrez 2016 CLICK
地球科學 / 環境科學 Land Surface Remote Sensing in Continental Hydrology 9781785481048 1st Baghdadi, Nicolas; Zribi, Mehrez 2016 CLICK
地球科學 / 環境科學 Land Surface Remote Sensing in Urban and Coastal Areas 9781785481604 1st Baghdadi, Nicolas; Zribi, Mehrez 2016 CLICK
地球科學 / 環境科學 Land Surface Remote Sensing: Environment and Risks 9781785481055 1st Baghdadi, Nicolas; Zribi, Mehrez 2016 CLICK
地球科學 / 環境科學 Microwave Remote Sensing of Land Surface: Techniques and Methods 9781785481598 1st Baghdadi, Nicolas; Zribi, Mehrez 2016 CLICK
地球科學 / 環境科學 Optical Remote Sensing of Land Surface: Techniques and Methods 9781785481024 1st Baghdadi, Nicolas; Zribi, Mehrez 2016 CLICK
地球科學 / 環境科學 Stream Ecosystems in a Changing Environment 9780124058903 1st Jones, Jeremy B.; Stanley, Emily H.  2016 CLICK
地球科學 / 環境科學 Climatic Hazards in Coastal Bangladesh: Non-Structural and Structural Solutions 9780128052761 1st Paul, Bimal Kanti; Rashid, Harun 2017 CLICK
地球科學 / 環境科學 Darriwilian to Sandbian (Ordovician) Graptolites from Northwest China 9780128009734 1st Chen, Xu; Zhang, Yuandong; Goldman, Daniel; Bergstrom, Stig M.; Fan, Juxuan; Wang, Zhihao, Finney, Staley C.; Chen, Qing; Ma, Xuan 2017 CLICK
地球科學 / 環境科學 Flow and Heat Transfer in Geothermal Systems: Basic Equations for Describing and Modelling Geothermal Phenomena and Technologies 9780128002773 1st Toth, Aniko; Bobok, Elemer 2017 CLICK
地球科學 / 環境科學 Geology And Sedimentology Of The Korean Peninsula 9780124055186 1st Chough, Sung Kwun 2013 CLICK
地球科學 / 環境科學 Precambrian Evolution Of The North China Craton 9780124072275 1st Zhao, GC 2013 CLICK
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年分 搶先看!
工程科學 Materials Science And Engineering Of Carbon: Fundamentals  9780128008584 2nd Inagaki, Michio 2014 CLICK
工程科學 Micro And Nanofabrication Using Self-Assembled Biological Nanostructures 9780323296427 1st Castillo-León, Jaime 2014 CLICK
工程科學 Modelling, Simulation And Control Of The Dyeing Process 9780857091338 1st Shamey, R 2014 CLICK
工程科學 Monolithic Nanoscale Photonics–Electronics Integration In Silicon And Other Group Iv Elements 9780124199750 1st Radamson, Henry 2014 CLICK
工程科學 Natural Gas Hydrates: A Guide for Engineers 9780128000748 3rd Carroll, John 2014 CLICK
工程科學 Numerical Simulation Of Multiphase Reactors With Continuous Liquid Phase 9780080999197 1st Yang, Chao 2014 CLICK
工程科學 Offshore Operation Facilities: Equipment and Procedures 9780123969774 1st Huacan, Fang 2014 CLICK
工程科學 Offshore Pipelines: Design, Installation, And Maintenance 9780123979490 2nd Guo, PhD, Boyun 2014 CLICK
工程科學 Offshore Safety Management: Implementing a SEMS Program 9780323262064 2nd Sutton, Ian 2014 CLICK
工程科學 Pipeline Integrity Handbook: Risk Management And Evaluation 9780123878250 1st Singh, Ramesh  2014 CLICK
工程科學 Power Recovery From Low Grade Heat By Means Of Screw Expanders  9781782421894 2nd Smith, Ian 2014 CLICK
工程科學 Power System Small Signal Stability Analysis And Control 9780128005729 1st Mondal, Debasish 2014 CLICK
工程科學 Principles Of Colour And Appearance Measurement, Volume 1 - Object Appearance, Colour Perception And Instrumental Measurement 9780857092298 1st Choudhury, A 2014 CLICK
工程科學 Principles Of Colour And Appearance Measurement, Volume 2: Visual Measurement Of Colour, Colour Comparison And Managemen 9781782423676 1st Choudhury, A 2014 CLICK
工程科學 Principles Of Reinforced Concrete 9780128008591 1st Guo, Zhenhai 2014 CLICK
工程科學 Protective Clothing: Managing Thermal Stress 9781782420323 1st Wang, F 2014 CLICK
工程科學 Radar And Arpa Manual: Radar And Target Tracking For Professional Mariners, Yachtsmen And Users Of Marine Radar 9780080977522 3rd Bole, A G 2014 CLICK
工程科學 Rare Earth-Based Corrosion Inhibitors 9780857093479 1st Forsyth, M 2014 CLICK
工程科學 Rehabilitation Of Metallic Civil Infrastructure Using Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composites 9780857096531 1st Karbhari, Vistasp M. 2014 CLICK
工程科學 Reliability Prediction From Burn-In Data Fit To Reliability Models 9780128007471 1st Bernstein, Joseph 2014 CLICK
工程科學 Reliable Maintenance Planning, Estimating, And Scheduling 9780123970428 1st Peters, Ralph 2014 CLICK
工程科學 Renewable Motor Fuels: The Past, the Present and the Uncertain Future 9780128009703 1st Brownstein, Arthur 2014 CLICK
工程科學 Safety And Security Review For The Process Industries 9780323322959 4th Nolan, Dennis P. 2014 CLICK
工程科學 Self-Piercing Riveting: Properties, Processes and Applications 9781845695354 1st Chrysanthou, A; Sun, X 2014 CLICK
工程科學 Self-Sensing Concrete In Smart Structures 9780128005170 1st Yu, Xun 2014 CLICK
工程科學 Sensor Technologies For Civil Infrastructures, Volume 1-Sensing Hardware And Data Collection Methods For Performance Assessment 9780857094322 1st Wang, Ming L. 2014 CLICK
工程科學 Sensor Technologies For Civil Infrastructures, Volume 2-Applications In Structural Health Monitoring 9781782422426 1st Wang, Ming L. 2014 CLICK
工程科學 Simulations With Nx: Kinematics, FEM, CFD, EM and Data Management. with Numerous Examples of NX 10 9781569904794 1st Anderl, Reiner 2014 CLICK
工程科學 Sittig's Handbook Of Pesticides And Agricultural Chemicals  9781455731480 2nd Pohanish, Richard 2014 CLICK
工程科學 Solid Waste Recycling And Processing  9781455731923 2nd Rogoff, Marc J. 2014 CLICK
工程科學 Speech Enhancement: A Signal Subspace Perspective 9780128001394 1st Benesty, Jacob 2014 CLICK
工程科學 Structural Alloys For Power Plants 9780857092380 1st Shirzadi, A 2014 CLICK
工程科學 Subsea Pipeline Design, Analysis, And Installation 9780123868886 1st Bai, Qiang 2014 CLICK
工程科學 Surface Modification By Solid State Processing 9780857094681 1st Miranda, R 2014 CLICK
工程科學 Surface Production Operations , Volume 1 - Design Of Gas-Handling Systems And Facilities 9780750678537 3rd Arnold, Ken 2014 CLICK
工程科學 Surface Production Operations , Volume 2 - Design Of Gas-Handling Systems And Facilities 9780123822079 3rd Arnold, Ken 2014 CLICK
工程科學 Surface Production Operations , Volume 3 - Facility Piping and Pipeline System 9781856178082 3rd Arnold, Ken 2016 CLICK
工程科學 The Boundary Element Method For Plate Analysis 9780124167391 1st Katsikadelis, John 2014 CLICK
工程科學 The Effect Of Creep And Other Time Related Factors On Plastics And Elastomers  9780323353137 3rd McKeen, Laurence  2014 CLICK
工程科學 The Effect Of Long Term Thermal Exposure On Plastics And Elastomers 9780323221085 1st McKeen, Laurence 2014 CLICK
工程科學 The Multibody Systems Approach To Vehicle Dynamics  9780080994253 2nd Blundell, Michael 2014 CLICK
工程科學 Transport Properties Of Chemicals And Hydrocarbons  9780323286589 2nd Yaws, Carl L. 2014 CLICK
工程科學 Transport Properties Of Concrete 9781782423065 1st Claisse, Peter 2014 CLICK
工程科學 Troubleshooting Rubber Problems 9781569905531 1st Sommer, John 2014 CLICK
工程科學 Underground Pipeline Corrosion: Detection, Analysis and Prevention 9780857095091 1st Orazem, M 2014 CLICK
工程科學 Understanding Satellite Navigation 9780127999494 1st Acharya, Rajat 2014 CLICK
工程科學 A Practical Approach to Dynamical Systems for Engineers 9780081002025 1st Mellodge, Patricia 2015 CLICK
動物學 / 獸醫學
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年分 搶先看!
動物學  / 獸醫學 The Athletic Horse: Principles And Practice Of Equine Sports Medicine 9780721600758 2nd Hodgson, David 2013 CLICK
動物學  / 獸醫學 Veterinary Dentistry For The General Practitioner 9780702049439 2nd Gorrel, Cecilia 2013 CLICK
數學 / 物理學
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年分 搶先看!
數學 / 物理學 Hazardous Forecasts and Crisis Scenario Generator 9781785480287 1st Clement-Grandcourt, Arnaud; Fraysse, Herve 2015 CLICK
數學 / 物理學 The Birnbaum-Saunders Distribution 9780128037690 1st Leiva, Victor 2015 CLICK
數學 / 物理學 Fractal Functions, Fractal Surfaces, and Wavelets  9780128044087 2nd Massopust, Peter, R. 2016 CLICK
數學 / 物理學 Multiphysics Modeling: Numerical Methods and Engineering Applications 9780124077096 1st Zhang, Qun; Cen, Song 2016 CLICK
數學 / 物理學 Simulation of Stochastic Processes with Given Accuracy and Reliability 9781785482175 1st Kozachenko, Yuriy; Pogorilyak, Oleksandr; Rozora, Iryna; Tegza, Antonina 2016 CLICK
數學 / 物理學 Theory and Computation of Tensors: Multi-Dimensional Arrays 9780128039533 1st Ding, Weiyang; Wei, Yimin 2016 CLICK
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年分 搶先看!
材料科學 High Temperature Polymer Blends 9781845697853 1st DeMeuse, M T 2014 CLICK
材料科學 Internal Photoemission Spectroscopy: Fundamentals and Recent Advances 9780080999296 2nd Afanas'ev, Valeri 2014 CLICK
材料科學 Ion Beam Treatment Of Polymers  9780080994451 2nd Kondyurin, Alexey 2014 CLICK
材料科學 Micromechanism Of Cleavage Fracture Of Metals 9780128007655 1st Chen, J.H. 2014 CLICK
材料科學 Modelling Degradation Of Bioresorbable Polymeric Medical Devices 9781782420163 1st Pan, J 2014 CLICK
材料科學 Nanomagnetism: Fundamentals And Applications 9780080983530 1st Binns, Chris 2014 CLICK
材料科學 Nanoscience And The Environment 9780080994086 1st Lead, Jamie 2014 CLICK
材料科學 Nanostructured Semiconductor Oxides For The Next Generation Of Electronics And Functional Devices 9781782422204 1st Zhuiykov, S 2014 CLICK
材料科學 Perspectives In Total Hip Arthroplasty 9781782420316 1st Affatato, S 2014 CLICK
材料科學 Polymer Composites In The Aerospace Industry 9780857095237 1st Irving, P 2014 CLICK
材料科學 Primer On Flat Rolling  9780080994185 2nd Lenard, John 2014 CLICK
材料科學 Pvc Formulary  9781895198843 2nd Wypych, George 2014 CLICK
材料科學 Quantum Information Processing With Diamond 9780857096562 1st Prawer, S 2014 CLICK
材料科學 Recent Developments In Cavitation Mechanisms 9781782421757 1st Washio, Seichi 2014 CLICK
材料科學 Silicon-On-Insulator (Soi) Technology: Manufacture and Applications 9780857095268 1st Kononchuk, O 2014 CLICK
材料科學 Silk Biomaterials For Tissue Engineering And Regenerative Medicine 9780857096999 1st Kundu, S 2014 CLICK
材料科學 Textile-Led Design For The Active Ageing Population 9780857095381 1st McCann, J 2014 CLICK
材料科學 Tissue Engineering Using Ceramics And Polymers  9780857097125 2nd Boccaccini, A R 2014 CLICK
材料科學 Ultrasmall Lanthanide Oxide Nanoparticles For Biomedical Imaging And Therapy 9780081000663 1st Lee, Gang Ho 2014 CLICK
材料科學 Characterisation and Design of Tissue Scaffolds 9781782420873 1st Tomlins, P. 2015 CLICK
材料科學 Computational Materials Engineering: Achieving High Accuracy and Efficiency in Metals Processing Simulations 9780124167070 1st Pietrzyk, Maciej; Madej, Lukasz; Rauch, Lukasz; Szeliga, Danuta 2015 CLICK
材料科學 Handbook of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Textiles and Clothing 9780081001691 1st Muthu; Subramanian Senthilkannan 2015 CLICK
材料科學 Handbook of Materials Failure Analysis with Case Studies from the Chemicals, Concrete and Power Industries 9780081001165 1st Makhlouf, Abdel Salam Hamdy; Aliofkhazraei, Mahmood 2015 CLICK
材料科學 Handbook of Materials Failure Analysis with Case Studies from the Oil and Gas Industry 9780081001172 1st Makhlouf, Abdel Salam Hamdy; Aliofkhazraei, Mahmood 2015 CLICK
材料科學 Inorganic Controlled Release Technology: Materials and Concepts for Advanced Drug Formulation 9780080999913 1st Zhang, Xiang; Cresswell, Mark 2015 CLICK
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年分 搶先看!
生物醫學 The Biological Action Of Physical Medicine 9780128000380 1st Szopinski, Jan 2014 CLICK
生物醫學 Therapeutic Risk Management Of Medicines 9781907568480 1st Banerjee, A K 2014 CLICK
生物醫學 Computational Immunology: Models and Tools 9780128036976 1st Bassaganya-Riera, Josep 2015 CLICK
生物醫學 Guide to Cell Therapy GxP: Quality Standards in the Development of Cell-Based Medicines in Non-Pharmaceutical Environments 9780128031155 1st Vives, Joaquim; Carmona, Gloria 2015 CLICK
生物醫學 Liver Regeneration: Basic Mechanisms, Relevant Models and Clinical Applications  9780124201286 1st Apte, Udayan M. 2015 CLICK
生物醫學 Personalized Immunosuppression in Transplantation: Role of Biomarker Monitoring and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring 9780128008850 1st Oellerich, Michael; Dasgupta, Amitava 2015 CLICK
生物醫學 Pharmaceutical Microbiology: Essentials for Quality Assurance and Quality Control 9780081000229 1st Sandle, Tim 2015 CLICK
生物醫學 The Health of Populations: Beyond Medicine 9780128028124 1st James, Jack 2015 CLICK
生物醫學 The Parathyroids: Basic and Clinical Concepts 9780123971661 3rd Marcus, Robert 2015 CLICK
生物醫學 The Scientist's Guide to Cardiac Metabolism 9780128023945 1st Schwarzer, Michael; Doenst, Torsten 2015 CLICK
生物醫學 Vascular Responses to Pathogens 9780128010785 1st Gavins, Felicity N. E.; Stokes, Karen Y. 2015 CLICK
生物醫學 Biostatistics and Computer-Based Analysis of Health Data Using Stata 9781785481420 1st Lalanne, Christophe; Mesbah, Mounir 2016 CLICK
生物醫學 Cancer Stem Cells: Targeting the Roots of Cancer, Seeds of Metastasis, and Sources of Therapy Resistance 9780128038925 1st Liu, Huiping; Lathia, Justin D. 2016 CLICK
社會科學 / 財務金融 / 經濟學
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年分 搶先看!
社會科學 / 財務金融 / 經濟學 An Emergent Theory of Digital Library Metadata: Enrich Then Filter 9780081003855 1st Alemu, Gataneh; Stevens, Brett 2015 CLICK
社會科學 / 財務金融 / 經濟學 Being a Solo Librarian in Healthcare: Pivoting for 21st Century Healthcare Information Delivery 9780081001226 1st Burns, Elizabeth C. 2015 CLICK
社會科學 / 財務金融 / 經濟學 China's Spatial (Dis)integration: Political Economy of the Interethnic Unrest in Xianjiang 9780081003879 1st Guo, Rongxing 2015 CLICK
社會科學 / 財務金融 / 經濟學 Chinese Migrant Entrepreneurship in Australia from the 1990s: Case-Studies of Success in Sino-Australian Relations 9781843347842 1st Gao, Jia 2015 CLICK
社會科學 / 財務金融 / 經濟學 Competitive Intelligence for Information Professionals 9780081002063 1st Nelke, Margareta; Hakansson, Charlotte 2015 CLICK
社會科學 / 財務金融 / 經濟學 Digital Curation in the Digital Humanities: Preserving and Promoting Archival and Special Collections 9780081001431 1st Sabharwal, Arjun 2015 CLICK
社會科學 / 財務金融 / 經濟學 Digital Futures: Expert Briefings on Digital Technologies for Education and Research 9780081003848 1st Hall, Martin; Harrow, Martin; Estelle, Lorraine 2015 CLICK
社會科學 / 財務金融 / 經濟學 Doing Business in India: A Framework for Strategic Understanding 9781843347743 1st Lakshman, Chandrashekhar 2015 CLICK
社會科學 / 財務金融 / 經濟學 Domain Analysis for Knowledge Organization: tools for Ontology Extraction 9780081001509 1st Smiraglia, Richard 2015 CLICK
社會科學 / 財務金融 / 經濟學 Emerging Technologies for Librarians: A Practical Guide to Innovation 9781843347880 1st Yang, Sharon Q; Li Lili 2015 CLICK
社會科學 / 財務金融 / 經濟學 Engineering Education: Curriculum, Pedagogy and Didactic Aspects 9781843346876 1st Davim, J. Paulo 2015 CLICK
社會科學 / 財務金融 / 經濟學 Ethical and Social Marketing in Asia 9780081000977 1st Nguyen, Bang; Rowley Chris 2015 CLICK
社會科學 / 財務金融 / 經濟學 Information Cosmopolitics: An Actor-Network Theory Approach to Information Practices 9780081001219 1st Tabak, Edin 2015 CLICK
社會科學 / 財務金融 / 經濟學 Information Professionals' Career Confidential: Straight Talk and Savvy Tips 9780081001905 1st De Stricker, Ulla  2015 CLICK
神經科學 / 生化 / 微免
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年分 搶先看!
神經科學 / 生化 / 微免 Kelley and Firestein's Textbook of Rheumatology , 2 Volumes/set 9780323316965 10th Firestein, Gary S.; Budd, Ralph C.; Gabriel, Sherine E.; McInnes, Iain B.; O'Dell, James R. 2017 CLICK
神經科學 / 生化 / 微免 Middleton's Allergy Essentials 9780323375795 1st O'Hehir, Robyn E.; Holgate, Stephen T.; Sheikh, Aziz; 2017 CLICK
神經科學 / 生化 / 微免 Nonhuman Primates In Biomedical Research: Biology And Management 9780123813657 2nd Abee, Christian 2012 CLICK
神經科學 / 生化 / 微免 Nonhuman Primates In Biomedical Research: Diseases 9780123813664 2nd Abee, Christian 2012 CLICK
神經科學 / 生化 / 微免 Resident Stem Cells And Regenerative Therapy 9780124160125 1st Goldenberg; Carvalho, Antonio Carlos Campos de 2013 CLICK
神經科學 / 生化 / 微免 Benign & Pathological Chromosomal Imbalances: Microscopic And Submicroscopic Copy Number Variations (Cnvs) In Genetics And Counseling 9780124046313 1st Liehr, Thomas 2014 CLICK
神經科學 / 生化 / 微免 Clinical Decision Support: The Road to Broad Adoption 9780123984760 2nd Greenes, Robert 2014 CLICK
神經科學 / 生化 / 微免 Electroporation-Based Therapies For Cancer 9781907568152 1st Sundararajan, R 2014 CLICK
神經科學 / 生化 / 微免 Experiments In The Purification And Characterization Of Enzymes 9780124095441 1st Crowley, Thomas 2014 CLICK
神經科學 / 生化 / 微免 Extracellular Glycolipids Of Yeasts 9780124200692 1st Kulakovskaya, Ekaterina 2014 CLICK
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神經科學 / 生化 / 微免 Sertoli Cell Biology  9780124170476 2nd Griswold, Michael 2014 CLICK
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神經科學 / 生化 / 微免 Biotechnology for Beginners  9780128012246 2nd Demain, Arnold L 2017 CLICK
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能源 Light Trapping In Solar Cell And Photo-Detector Devices 9780124166493 1st Fonash, Stephen 2014 CLICK
能源 Mechanics Of Hydraulic Fracturing 9780124200036 2nd Yew, Ching H. 2014 CLICK
能源 Natural Gas Processing: Technology and Engineering Design 9780080999715 1st Bahadori, Alireza 2014 CLICK
能源 Oil And Gas Corrosion Prevention 9780128003466 1st Speight, James 2014 CLICK
能源 Renewable Energy System Design 9780123749918 1st Salameh, Ziyad 2014 CLICK
能源 The Guide To Oilwell Fishing Operations  9780124200043 2nd DeGeare, Joe 2014 CLICK
能源 Thermal Insulation Handbook For The Oil, Gas, And Petrochemical Industries 9780128000106 1st Bahadori, Alireza 2014 CLICK
能源 Towards Sustainable Road Transport 9780124046160 1st Dell, Ronald 2014 CLICK
能源 Unconventional Gas Reservoirs: Evaluation, Appraisal, and Development 9780128003909 1st Islam, M. Rafiqul 2014 CLICK
能源 Volcanic Gas Reservoir Characterization 9780124171312 1st Qiquan, Ran 2014 CLICK
能源 Applied Operational Excellence for the Oil, Gas, and Process Industries 9780128027882 1st Nolan, Dennis P.; Anderson, Eric T. 2015 CLICK
能源 Global Energy Interconnection 9780128044056 1st Liu, Zhenya 2015 CLICK
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能源 Geothermal Power Plants: Principles, Applications, Case Studies and Environmental Impact 9780081008799 4th DiPippo, Ronald 2016 CLICK
農學 / 生物學 / 食品科學
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年分 搶先看!
農學 / 生物學 / 食品科學 Aquatic Functional Biodiversity: An Ecological and Evolutionary Perspective 9780124170155 1st Belgrano, Andrea; Woodward, Guy; Jacob, Ute 2015 CLICK
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農學 / 生物學 / 食品科學 Hygiene In Food Processing  9780857094292 2nd Lelieveld, H L M 2013 CLICK
醫學(基礎及臨床) / 藥學 / 藥理學 /毒物學
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醫學(基礎及臨床) / 藥學 / 藥理學 /毒物學 Textbook of Pediatric Rheumatology  9780323241458 7th Petty, Ross E.; Laxer, Ronald; Lindsley, Carol; Wedderbum, Lucy  2015 CLICK
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醫學(基礎及臨床) / 藥學 / 藥理學 /毒物學 Occupational Therapy with Aging Adults 9780323067768 1st Barney, Karen 2016 CLICK
醫學(基礎及臨床) / 藥學 / 藥理學 /毒物學 Pathology and Intervention in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation  9780323310727 2nd Magee, David 2016 CLICK
醫學(基礎及臨床) / 藥學 / 藥理學 /毒物學 Stroke Rehabilitation: A Function-Based Approach  9780323172813 4th Gillen, Glen 2016 CLICK
醫學(基礎及臨床) / 藥學 / 藥理學 /毒物學 Assisted Ventilation of the Neonate: An Evidence-Based Approach to Newborn Respiratory Care 9780323390064 6th  Goldsmith, Jay P.; Karotkin, Edward H.; Keszler, Martin; Suresh, Gautham K. 2017 CLICK
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法醫學 Personnel Protection: Vehicle Operations And Safety 9780128009253 1st Miller, Jerome 2014 CLICK
法醫學 Preparing For Next Generation Security Leader Opportunities 9780128009208 1st Hayes, Bob 2014 CLICK
法醫學 Profiling And Serial Crime: Theoretical And Practical Issues 9781455731749 3rd Petherick, Wayne 2014 CLICK
法醫學 Safeguarding Cultural Properties: Security for Museums, Libraries, Parks, and Zoos 9780124201125 1st Layne, Stevan P. 2014 CLICK
法醫學 Safeguarding Intangible Assets 9780128005163 1st Moberly, Mike 2014 CLICK
法醫學 School Security: How to Build and Strengthen a School Safety Program 9780124078116 1st Timm, Paul 2014 CLICK
法醫學 Security Careers: Skills, Compensation, and Career Paths 9780128001042 3rd Walker, Steven 2014 CLICK
法醫學 Security For Business Professionals 9780128005651 1st Wayland, Bradley 2014 CLICK
法醫學 Security Leader Insights For Business Continuity: Lessons and Strategies from Leading Security Professionals 9780128008393 1st Hayes, Bob 2014 CLICK
法醫學 Security Leader Insights For Effective Management 9780128008423 1st Hayes, Bob 2014 CLICK
法醫學 Security Leader Insights For Information Protection 9780128008430 1st Hayes, Bob 2014 CLICK
法醫學 Security Leader Insights For Risk Management 9780128008409 1st Hayes, Bob 2014 CLICK
法醫學 Security Leadership Of The Future 9780128008447 1st Hayes, Bob 2014 CLICK
法醫學 Security Risk Assessment: Managing Physical and Operational Security  9780128002216 1st White, John 2014 CLICK
電腦 / 圖書資訊學
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年分 搶先看!
電腦 / 圖書資訊學 Refactoring For Software Design Smells 9780128013977 1st Suryanarayana, Girish 2014 CLICK
電腦 / 圖書資訊學 Relating System Quality And Software Architecture 9780124170094 1st Mistrik, Ivan 2014 CLICK
電腦 / 圖書資訊學 Relevance Ranking For Vertical Search Engines 9780124071711 1st Long, Bo 2014 CLICK
電腦 / 圖書資訊學 Securing VOIP: Keeping your VOIP Network Safe 9780124170391 1st (Bud) Bates, Regis J. 2014 CLICK
電腦 / 圖書資訊學 Service Orchestration As Organization 9780128009383 1st Han, Jun 2014 CLICK
電腦 / 圖書資訊學 Social Engineering Penetration Testing 9780124201248 1st Mason, Andrew 2014 CLICK
電腦 / 圖書資訊學 Studying And Designing Technology For Domestic Life 9780128005552 1st Neustaedter, Carman 2014 CLICK
電腦 / 圖書資訊學 Targeted Cyber Attacks: Multi-staged Attacks Driven by Exploits and Malware 9780128006047 1st Sood, Aditya 2014 CLICK
電腦 / 圖書資訊學 The Basics Of Digital Privacy 9780128000113 1st Cherry, Denny 2014 CLICK
電腦 / 圖書資訊學 The Moderator's Survival Guide: Handling Common, Tricky, And Sticky Situations In User Research 9780124047006 1st Tedesco, Donna 2014 CLICK
電腦 / 圖書資訊學 The Ux Five-Second Rules 9780128005347 1st Lesbon, Cory 2014 CLICK
電腦 / 圖書資訊學 Time And Relational Theory  9780128006313 2nd Date, C.J. 2014 CLICK
電腦 / 圖書資訊學 Windows Performance Analysis Field Guide 9780124167018 1st Huffman, Clint 2014 CLICK
電腦 / 圖書資訊學 Embedded Systems: ARM Programming and Optimization 9780128003428 1st Bakos, Jason D. 2015 CLICK
電腦 / 圖書資訊學 Essential Skills for Hackers 9780128047552 1st Dalziel, Henry; Dalziel, Max 2015 CLICK
電腦 / 圖書資訊學 Meeting People via WiFi and Bluetooth 9780128047217 1st Dalziel, Henry; Schroeder, Joshua 2015 CLICK
電腦 / 圖書資訊學 Object -Oriented Programming with Smaltalk 9781785480164 1st Wertz, Harald 2015 CLICK
電腦 / 圖書資訊學 PCI DSS 3.1: The Standard That Killed SSL 9780128046272 1st Williams, Branden R. 2015 CLICK
電腦 / 圖書資訊學 Systems Programming: Designing and Developing Distributed Applications 9780128007297 1st Anthony, Richard  2015 CLICK
電腦 / 圖書資訊學 Topics in Parallel and Distributed Computing: Introducing Concurrency in Undergraduate Courses 9780128038994 1st Prasad, Sushil K.; Gupta, Anshul; Rosenbert, Arnold L.; Sussman, Alan; Weems, Charles C. Jr. 2015 CLICK
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