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地球與行星科學 法醫、安全及犯罪審判 生物醫學 環境科學  

主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年份
健康科學 Evidence-Based Physical Therapy For The Pelvic Floor  9780702044434 2nd Bo, Kari 2014
健康科學 Esthetics And Biomechanics In Orthodontics  9781455750856 2nd Nanda, Ravindra 2014
健康科學 Principles And Practice Of Esthetic Dentistry 9780723455585 1st Wilson, Nairn 2014
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年份
免疫學及微生物學 Primary Immunodeficiency Disorders 9780124071797 1st Etzioni, A 2014
免疫學及微生物學 Stiehm'S Immune Deficiencies 9780124055469 1st Sullivan, Kathleen 2014
免疫學及微生物學 Plant Virus–Host Interaction 9780124115842 1st Gaur, R.K. 2014
免疫學及微生物學 Biofilms In Infection Prevention And Control 9780123970435 1st Percival, Steven 2014
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年份
化學 Fluorine And The Environment: Atmospheric Chemistry, Emissions & Lithosphere  9780444528117 1st Tressaud, Alain 2006
化學 Encyclopedia Of Analytical Science 9780123693976 2nd Worsfold,Paul ; Townshend,Alan ; Poole,Colin 2005
化學 Comprehensive Organic Functional Group Transformations II 9780080446554 2nd Katritzky,Alan R.  ; Taylor,Richard J. K.  2005
化學 Strategies And Tactics In Organic Synthesis 9780124502888 1st Harmata, Michael 2005
化學 Comprehensive Coordination Chemistry II 9780080437484 2nd McCleverty, J. A. ; Meyer, T. J.  2003
化學 Encyclopedia Of Separation Science 9780122267703 1st Wilson,Ian D.  2000
化學 Sample Handling And Trace Analysis Of Pollutants  9780444828316 1st Barceló, D. 2000
化學 Vacuum Ultraviolet Spectroscopy: Experimental Methods in Physical Sciences 9780126175608 1st Samson, James A. ; Ederer,David L. 2000
化學 Advanced Inorganic Fluorides 9780444720023 1st Nakajima, Tsuyoshi 2000
化學 Comprehensive Natural Products Chemistry 9780080912837 1st Meth-Cohn, Otto ; Barton,Sir Derek  ; Nakanishi,Koji  1999
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年份
化學工程 Ionic Liquids in Separation Technology 9780444632579 1st Perez De Los Rios, Antonia;Hemandez Fernandez, Francisco Jose 2014
化學工程 Voids in Materials: From Unavoidable Defects to Designed Cellular Materials 9780444563675 1st Gladysz, Gary M.; Chawla, Krishan K. 2014
化學工程 Human Behavior In Hazardous Situations: Best Practice Safety Management In The Chemical And Process Industries 9780124072091 1st Daalmans, Jan 2013
化學工程 Perfume Engineering: Design, Performance & Classification 9780080993997 1st Teixeira, Miguel 2013
化學工程 Chemical Process Safety: Learning From Case Histories 9780128014257 4th Sanders, Roy, E. 2015
化學工程 Heat Exchanger Design Guide: A Practical Guide for Planning, Selecting and Designing of Shell and Tube Exchangers 9780128037645 1st Nitsche, Manfred 2015
化學工程 In situ Spectroscopic Techniques at High Pressure 9780444634221 1st Braeier. Andreas 2015
化學工程 Pulp and Paper Industry: Chemicals 9780128034088 1st Bajpai, Pratima 2015
化學工程 Pulp and Paper Industry: Microbiological Issues in Papermaking 9780128034095 1st Bajpai, Pratima 2015
化學工程 Direct Methane To Methanol 9780444632531 1st Arutyunov, Vladimir 2014
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年份
地球與行星科學 Hydro-Meteorological Hazards, Risks And Disasters 9780123948465 1st Paron, Paolo 2014
地球與行星科學 Assessment Of Vulnerability To Natural Hazards 9780124105287 1st Alexander, David 2014
地球與行星科學 Coastal And Marine Hazards, Risks, And Disasters 9780123964830 1st Ellis, Jean 2014
地球與行星科學 Coal Bed Methane 9780128008805 1st Aminian, Kashy 2014
地球與行星科學 Wildfire Hazards, Risks And Disasters 9780124104341 1st Paton, Douglas 2014
地球與行星科學 Earthquake Hazard, Risk And Disasters 9780123948489 1st Shroder, J.F. Jr. 2014
地球與行星科學 Understanding Geology Through Maps 9780128008669 1st Borradaile, Graham 2014
地球與行星科學 Integrated Assessment Of Scale Impacts Of Watershed Intervention 9780128000670 1st Reddy, V. Ratna 2014
地球與行星科學 Experiments In Reduced Gravity 9780127999654 1st Kuhn, Nikolaus 2014
地球與行星科學 Practical And Applied Hydrogeology 9780128000755 1st Sen, Zekai 2014
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年份
工程科學 Designing Plastic Parts For Assembly 9781569905555 1st Tres, Paul 2014
工程科學 Safe Robot Navigation Among Moving and Steady Obstacles 9780128037300 1st Savkin, Andrey V.; Matveev, Alexey, S.; Hoy, Michael; Wang, Chao 2015
工程科學 Standard Handbook of Petroleum and Natural Gas  Engineering  9780123838469 3rd Lyons, William; Plisga, Gary, J.; Lorenz, Michael 2015
工程科學 The Definitive Guide to Arm® Cortex®-M0 and Cortex-M0+ Processors  9780128032770 2nd Yiu, Joseph 2015
工程科學 Vacuum Deposition Onto Webs, Films and Foils  9780323296441 3rd Bishop, Charles 2015
工程科學 A Guide to Microsoft Excel 2013 for Scientists and Engineers 9780128028179 1st Liengme, Bemard 2015
工程科學 A Practical Approach to Dynamical Systems for Engineers 9780081002025 1st Mellodge, Patricia 2015
工程科學 Adaptive Radar Resource Management 9780128029022 1st Moo, Peter; Ding Zhen 2015
工程科學 Sittig'S Handbook Of Pesticides And Agricultural Chemicals  9781455731480 2nd Pohanish, Richard 2014
工程科學 Offshore Pipelines: Design, Installation, And Maintenance 9780123979490 2nd Guo, PhD, Boyun 2014
工程科學 Joint Replacement Technology 9780857098412 1st Revell, P A 2014
工程科學 Control And Estimation Of Piecewise Affine Systems 9781782421610 1st Xu, J 2014
工程科學 Surface Production Operations , Volume 1 - Design Of Gas-Handling Systems And Facilities; Volume 2 - Design Of Gas-Handling Systems And Facilities 9780123822079 3rd Arnold, Ken 2014
工程科學 Protective Clothing 9781782420323 1st Wang, F 2014
工程科學 Power System Small Signal Stability Analysis And Control 9780128005729 1st Mondal, Debasish 2014
工程科學 Global Sustainable Communities Handbook 9780123979148 1st Clark, Woodrow 2014
工程科學 Effect Of Temperature And Other Factors On Plastics And Elastomers  9780323310161 3rd McKeen, Laurence 2014
工程科學 Sensor Technologies For Civil Infrastructures, Volume 1-Sensing Hardware And Data Collection Methods For Performance Assessment, Volume 2-Applications In Structural Health Monitoring 9780857094322 1st Wang, Ming L. 2014
工程科學 Understanding Satellite Navigation 9780127999494 1st Acharya, Rajat 2014
工程科學 Control Of Welding Distortion In Thin-Plate Fabrication 9780857090478 1st Gray, T 2014
工程科學 Principles Of Reinforced Concrete 9780128008591 1st Guo, Zhenhai 2014
工程科學 Rehabilitation Of Metallic Civil Infrastructure Using Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composites 9780857096531 1st Karbhari, Vistasp M. 2014
工程科學 Design Of Modern Communication Networks 9780124072381 1st Larsson, Christofer 2014
工程科學 The Multibody Systems Approach To Vehicle Dynamics  9780080994253 2nd Blundell, Michael 2014
工程科學 Accelerated Bridge Construction 9780124072244 1st Khan, Mohiuddin 2014
工程科學 Renewable Motor Fuels 9780128009703 1st Brownstein, Arthur 2014
工程科學 Integrated Nanophotonic Devices  9780323228626 2nd Zalevsky, Zeev 2014
工程科學 Safety And Security Review For The Process Industries 9780323322959 4th Nolan, Dennis P. 2014
工程科學 Reliable Maintenance Planning, Estimating, And Scheduling 9780123970428 1st Peters, Ralph 2014
工程科學 Anthropometry, Apparel Sizing And Design 9780857096814 1st Gupta, Deepti 2014
工程科學 Low Cost Emergency Water Purification Technologies 9780124114654 1st Jain, Ravi 2014
工程科學 Alternative Fuels And Advanced Vehicle Technologies For Improved Environmental Performance 9780857095220 1st Folkson, R 2014
工程科學 The Effect Of Creep And Other Time Related Factors On Plastics And Elastomers  9780323353137 3rd McKeen, Laurence  2014
工程科學 Solid Waste Recycling And Processing  9781455731923 2nd Rogoff, Marc J. 2014
工程科學 Offshore Safety Management 9780323262064 2nd Sutton, Ian 2014
工程科學 Fluid-Structure Interactions  9780123973122 2nd Paidoussis, Michael 2014
工程科學 Signals And Systems Using Matlab  9780123948120 2nd Chaparro, Luis 2014
工程科學 Drinking Water Security For Engineers, Planners, And Managers 9780124114661 1st Jain, Ravi 2014
工程科學 Finite Element Analysis And Design Of Steel And Steel-Concrete Composite Bridges 9780124172470 1st Ellobody, Ehab 2014
工程科學 Assessing The Environmental Impact Of Textiles And The Clothing Supply Chain 9781782421047 1st Muthu, S 2014
工程科學 The Effect Of Long Term Thermal Exposure On Plastics And Elastomers 9780323221085 1st McKeen, Laurence 2014
工程科學 Communicating Pictures 9780124059061 1st Bull, David 2014
工程科學 Power Recovery From Low Grade Heat By Means Of Screw Expanders  9781782421894 2nd Smith, Ian 2014
工程科學 Handbook Of Friction-Vibration Interactions 9780857094582 1st Chen, G S 2014
工程科學 Budget Constraints And Optimization In Sponsored Search Auctions 9780124114579 1st Yang, Yanwu 2014
工程科學 Databook Of Antistatics 9781895198614 1st Wypych, George 2014
工程科學 The Boundary Element Method For Plate Analysis 9780124167391 1st Katsikadelis, John 2014
工程科學 Materials Science And Engineering Of Carbon: Fundamentals  9780128008584 2nd Inagaki, Michio 2014
工程科學 Concrete And Masonry Movements 9780128015254 1st Brooks, Jeffrey 2014
工程科學 Transport Properties Of Chemicals And Hydrocarbons  9780323286589 2nd Yaws, Carl L. 2014
工程科學 An Elementary Guide To Reliability 9780750635530 5th Dummer, G. ; Winton, R. ; Tooley, Mike 1997
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年份
心理學 Artificial Intelligence in Behavioral and Mental Health Care 9780124202481 1st Luxton, David D. 2015
心理學 Biomechanics and Motor Control: Defining Central Concepts 9780128003848 1st Latash, Mark L.; Zatsiorsky, Vladimir 2015
心理學 Development of Mathematical Cognition, Volume 2: Neural Substrates and Genetic Influences 9780128018712 1st Berch, Daniel B.; Geary, David C.; Koepke, Kathleen Mann 2015
心理學 Digital Identities: Creating and Communicating the Oline Self 9780124200838 1st Cover, Rob 2015
心理學 Encyclopedia of Mental Health 9780123977533 2nd Friedman, Howard 2015
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年份
數學 The Joy of Finite Mathematics: The Language and Art of Math 9780128029671 1st Tsokos, Chris P.; Wooten, Rebecca D. 2015
數學 Numerical Linear Algebra With Applications 9780123944351 1st Ford, William 2014
數學 Table Of Integrals, Series, And Products 9780123849335 8th Zwillinger, Daniel 2014
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年份
材料科學 Biomaterials For Bone Regeneration 9780857098047 1st Dubruel, P 2014
材料科學 Chitin  9780080999395 2nd Khor, Eugene 2014
材料科學 Nanostructured Semiconductor Oxides For The Next Generation Of Electronics And Functional Devices 9781782422204 1st Zhuiykov, S 2014
材料科學 Polymer Composites In The Aerospace Industry 9780857095237 1st Irving, P 2014
材料科學 Graphene 9780857095084 1st Skakalova, V 2014
材料科學 Health And Environmental Safety Of Nanomaterials 9780857096555 1st Njuguna, J 2014
材料科學 Chemistry, Manufacture And Applications Of Natural Rubber 9780857096838 1st Kohjiya, S 2014
材料科學 Fatigue And Fracture Of Adhesively-Bonded Composite Joints 9780857098061 1st Vassilopoulos, V P 2014
材料科學 Handbook Of Recycling 9780123964595 1st Worrell, Ernst 2014
材料科學 Quantum Information Processing With Diamond 9780857096562 1st Prawer, S 2014
材料科學 Rapid Prototyping Of Biomaterials 9780857095992 1st Narayan, R 2014
材料科學 Modelling Degradation Of Bioresorbable Polymeric Medical Devices 9781782420163 1st Pan, J 2014
材料科學 High Performance Textiles And Their Applications 9781845691806 1st Lawrence, C 2014
材料科學 Ion Beam Treatment Of Polymers  9780080994451 2nd Kondyurin, Alexey 2014
材料科學 Internal Photoemission Spectroscopy  9780080999296 2nd Afanas'ev, Valeri 2014
材料科學 Handbook Of Smart Coatings For Materials Protection 9780857096807 1st Makhlouf, A S H 2014
材料科學 Developments In Surface Contamination And Cleaning: Cleaning Techniques 9780323299619 1st Kohli, Rajiv 2014
材料科學 Recent Developments In Cavitation Mechanisms 9781782421757 1st Washio, Seichi 2014
材料科學 Textile-Led Design For The Active Ageing Population 9780857095381 1st McCann, J 2014
材料科學 Ultrasmall Lanthanide Oxide Nanoparticles For Biomedical Imaging And Therapy 9780081000663 1st Lee, Gang Ho 2014
材料科學 High Temperature Polymer Blends 9781845697853 1st DeMeuse, M T 2014
材料科學 Developments In Surface Contamination And Cleaning: Cleanliness Validation And Verification 9780323313032 1st Kohli, Rajiv 2014
材料科學 Bone Substitute Biomaterials 9780857094971 1st Mallick, K 2014
材料科學 Perspectives In Total Hip Arthroplasty 9781782420316 1st Affatato, S 2014
材料科學 Silk Biomaterials For Tissue Engineering And Regenerative Medicine 9780857096999 1st Kundu, S 2014
材料科學 Biomedical Imaging 9780857091277 1st Morris, P. 2014
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年份
法醫、安全及犯罪審判 Introduction to Environmental Forensics  9780124046962 3rd Murphy, Brian L.; Morrison, Robert D. 2015
法醫、安全及犯罪審判 Introduction to International Disaster Management  9780128014776 3rd Copola, Damon P. 2015
法醫、安全及犯罪審判 Keeping Religious Institutions Secure 9780128013465 1st McLamb, Jennie-Leigh 2015
法醫、安全及犯罪審判 Measuring and Communicating Security's Value: A Compendium of Metrics for Enterprise Protection 9780128028414 1st Campbell, George 2015
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年份
物理學及天文學 Fundamentals Of Nuclear Reactor Physics 9780123706317 1st E Lewis, Elmer 2008
物理學及天文學 Quasicrystals  9780444514189 1st Fujiwara, Takeo ; Ishii, Yasushi 2008
物理學及天文學 Stochastic Equations Through The Eye Of The Physicist 9780444517975 1st Klyatskin, Valery 2005
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年份
獸醫學 Atlas Of Canine And Feline Peripheral Blood Smears 9780323044684 1st Valenciano, Amy 2013
獸醫學 Veterinary Anaesthesia 9780702027932 11th Clarke, Kathy 2013
獸醫學 The Athletic Horse: Principles And Practice Of Equine Sports Medicine 9780721600758 2nd Hodgson, David 2013
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年份
環境科學 Thorp And Covich'S Freshwater Invertebrates  9780123850263 4th Thorp, James 2014
環境科學 Spatial Capture-Recapture 9780124059399 1st Royle, J. 2014
環境科學 Chemical Fate And Transport In The Environment  9780123982568 3rd Hemond, Harold 2014
環境科學 Vertical Flow Constructed Wetlands 9780124046122 1st Stefanakis, Alexandros 2014
環境科學 Introduction To The Modelling Of Marine Ecosystems  9780444633637 2nd Fennel, W. 2014
環境科學 From An Antagonistic To A Synergistic Predator Prey Perspective 9780124170162 1st Johannessen, Tore 2014
環境科學 Learning From The Impacts Of Superstorm Sandy 9780128015209 1st Bennington, J. Bret 2014
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年份
生化、遺傳學、分子生物學、生物物理 Success Strategies From Women in STEM: A Portable Mentor  9780123971814 2nd Pritchard, Peggy A; Grant Christine 2015
生化、遺傳學、分子生物學、生物物理 The Management of Scientific Integrity within Academic Medical Centers 9780124051980 1st Snyder, Peter; Mayes, Linda C.; Smith, William E. 2015
生化、遺傳學、分子生物學、生物物理 Translating Gene Therapy to the Clinic: Techniques and Approaches 9780128005637 1st Laurence, Jeffrey; Franklin, Michael 2015
生化、遺傳學、分子生物學、生物物理 Transforming Your Stem Career Through Leadership And Innovation: Inspiration And Strategies For Women 9780123969934 1st McCauley Bush, Pamela 2013
生化、遺傳學、分子生物學、生物物理 Electrocardiography Of Laboratory Animals 9780124159365 1st Richig, Jeffrey  2013
生化、遺傳學、分子生物學、生物物理 The Biology And Identification Of The Coccidia (Apicomplexa) Of Rabbits Of The World 9780123978998 1st Duszyski, Donald  2013
生化、遺傳學、分子生物學、生物物理 Building The Most Complex Structure On Earth: An Epigenetic Narrative Of Development And Evolution Of Animals 9780124016675 1st Cabej, Nelson 2013
生化、遺傳學、分子生物學、生物物理 Anaerobiosis and Stemness: An Evolutionary Paradigm 9780128005408 1st Ivanovic, Zoran; Vlaski-Lafarge, Marija 2015
生化、遺傳學、分子生物學、生物物理 Electroporation-Based Therapies For Cancer 9781907568152 1st Sundararajan, R 2014
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年份
生物醫學 Computational Immunology: Models and Tools 9780128036976 1st Bassaganya-Riera, Josep 2015
生物醫學 Guide to Cell Therapy GxP: Quality Standards in the Development of Cell-Based Medicines in Non-Pharmaceutical Environments 9780128031155 1st Vives, Joaquim; Carmona, Gloria 2015
生物醫學 How to Scale-Up a Wet Granulation End Point Scientifically, Volume 1 9780128035221 1st Levin, Michael 2015
生物醫學 Human Physiology, Biochemistry and Basic Medicine 9780128036990 1st Cole, Laurence A.; Kramer, Peter R. 2015
生物醫學 Kidney Development, Disease, Repair and Regeneration 9780128001028 1st Little, Melissa Helen 2015
生物醫學 Liver Regeneration: Basic Mechanisms, Relevant Models and Clinical Applications  9780124201286 1st Apte, Udayan M. 2015
生物醫學 Oral Exams: Preparing for and Passing Candidacy, Qualifying, and Graduate Defenses 9780128025789 1st Foote, Lee A. 2015
生物醫學 Personalized Immunosuppression in Transplantation: Role of Biomarker Monitoring and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring 9780128008850 1st Oellerich, Michael; Dasgupta, Amitava 2015
生物醫學 Pharmaceutical Microbiology: Essentials for Quality Assurance and Quality Control 9780081000229 1st Sandle, Tim 2015
生物醫學 Prostate Cancer: Science and Clinical Practice 9780128000779 2nd Mydio, Jack H.; Godec, Ciril J. 2015
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年份
 社會科學 Milestone Moments in Getting your PhD in Qualitative Research 9780081002315 1st Zeegers, Maregaret; Barron, Deirdre 2015
 社會科學 Project Management for Information Professionals 9780081001271 1st Note, Margot 2015
 社會科學 Research 2.0 and the Future of Information Literacy 9780081000755 1st Koltay, Tibor; Spiranec, Sonja; Karvalics, Laszlo Z. 2015
 社會科學 Robertson on Library Security and Disaster Planning 9780081000779 1st Robertson, Guy 2015
 社會科學 Service Science and the Information Professional 9781843346494 1st de Grandbois, Yvonne 2015
社會科學 The Preservation And Protection Of Library Collections 9781843347590 1st Zerek, Bogdan 2014
社會科學 Library Instruction Design 9781843347415 1st Su, Di 2014
社會科學 Radical Information Literacy 9781843347484 1st Whitworth, Andrew 2014
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年份
神經科學 Traumatic Brain Injury, Part I 9780444528926 1st Grafman, Jordan; Salazar, Andres M. 2015
神經科學 Traumatic Brain Injury, Part II 9780444635211 1st Grafman, Jordan; Salazar, Andres M. 2015
神經科學 Trigeminocardiac Reflex 9780128004210 1st Chowdhury, Tumul; Schaller, Bernhard 2015
神經科學 Waking and the Reticular Activating System in Health and Disease 9780128013854 1st Garcia-Rill, Edgar 2015
神經科學 Encyclopedia Of Neurological Sciences  9780123851581 2nd Aminoff, Michael J. 2014
神經科學 Ethical And Legal Issues In Neurology 9780444535016 1st Bernat, James L 2013
神經科學 Brain Mapping: An Encyclopedic Reference 9780123973160 1st Toga, Arthur W. 2015
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年份
能源 Light Trapping In Solar Cell And Photo-Detector Devices 9780124166493 1st Fonash, Stephen 2014
能源 Towards Sustainable Road Transport 9780124046160 1st Dell, Ronald 2014
能源 Thermal Insulation Handbook For The Oil, Gas, And Petrochemical Industries 9780128000106 1st Bahadori, Alireza 2014
能源 The Guide To Oilwell Fishing Operations  9780124200043 2nd DeGeare, Joe 2014
能源 Oil And Gas Corrosion Prevention 9780128003466 1st Speight, James 2014
能源 Advances In Hydrogen Production, Storage And Distribution 9780857097682 1st Basile, A 2014
能源 Cathodic Corrosion Protection Systems 9780128002742 1st Bahadori, Alireza  2014
能源 Gasification Of Unconventional Feedstocks 9780127999111 1st Speight, James 2014
能源 Mechanics Of Hydraulic Fracturing 9780124200036 2nd Yew, Ching H. 2014
能源 Irradiation Embrittlement Of Reactor Pressure Vessels (Rpvs) In Nuclear Power Plants 9781845699673 1st Soneda, N 2014
能源 Crude Oil Fouling 9780128012567 1st Hewitt, Geoffrey 2014
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年份
生物物理藥學、藥理學及毒物學 Nonclinical Development Of Novel Biologics  Biosimilars Vaccines And Specialty Biologics 9780123948106 1st Plitnick, Lisa 2013
生物物理藥學、藥理學及毒物學 Ligand Efficiency Indices For Drug Discovery: Towards An Atlas-Guided Paradigm 9780124046351 1st Abad-Zapatero, Celerino 2013
生物物理藥學、藥理學及毒物學 Pharmacogenomics: Challenges And Opportunities In Therapeutic Implementation 9780123919182 1st Lam, Yui-Wing Francis 2013
生物物理藥學、藥理學及毒物學 Nonclinical Study Contracting And Monitoring: A Practical Guide 9780123978295 1st Salminen, Willie 2013
生物物理藥學、藥理學及毒物學 Meyler's Side Effects of Drugs: The International Encyclopedia of Adverse Drug Reactions and Interactions 9780444537164 16th Aronson, Jeffrey K. 2015
生物物理藥學、藥理學及毒物學 Global Clinical Trials For Alzheimer'S Disease: Design, Implementation, And Standardization 9780124114647 1st Bairu, Menghis 2014
生物物理藥學、藥理學及毒物學 Drug Stability For Pharmaceutical Scientists 9780124115484 1st Loftsson, Thorsteinn 2014
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年份
財務金融 Risk Neutral Pricing and Financial Mathematics: A Primer 9780128015346 1st Knopf, Peter, M.; Teall, John L. 2015
財務金融 Tethered Money: Managing Digital Currency Transactions 9780128034774 1st Samid, Gideon 2015
財務金融 Understanding Credit Derivatives and Related Instruments 9780128001165 2nd Bomfim, Antulio N. 2015
財務金融 Advanced Fixed Income Analysis  9780080999388 2nd Choudhry, Moorad; Lizzio, Michele 2015
主題 書名 ISBN 版本 作者 年份
農學、生物學及食品科學 Human Milk Biochemistry And Infant Formula Manufacturing Technology 9781845697242 1st Guo, M 2014
農學、生物學及食品科學 Hypobaric Storage In Food Industry 9780124199620 1st Burg, Stanley 2014
農學、生物學及食品科學 Natural Resource Administration 9780124046474 1st Sparling, Donald 2014
農學、生物學及食品科學 Foods, Nutrients And Food Ingredients With Authorised Eu Health Claims 9780857098429 1st Sadler, M J 2014
農學、生物學及食品科學 Fed-Batch Fermentation 9781907568923 1st Moulton, G G 2014
農學、生物學及食品科學 Heat Treatment For Insect Control 9780857097767 1st Hammond, D 2014
農學、生物學及食品科學 The Social Dog 9780124078185 1st Kaminski, Juliane 2014
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